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new skis, need help!

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Hi all,

I'm new to the forum wondering if you can help?

I have bought some skis, rossignol cut super 10.4 with marker m44 twin cam bindings.

I am not sure whether these bindings are adjustable, the ski's have not arrived yet, I am going skiing on the 5 th and need to know whether to buy some other bindings, my boots are size 10(uk) 11(us)

Does anyone know if these are adjustable

Thanks in Advance

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There is a range of adjustability with any binding, usually in the 10-15mm range. You will want to bring them to your local shop (along with your boots) as soon as they arrive so they can adjust and set the bindings to your needs.
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thanks Philpug,

Will do that when they arrive, just thought i'd get some ideas from you guys.
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I expect these are M41s not M44s. M44s are from before the brake and DIN norm era.
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post
I expect these are M41s not M44s. M44s are from before the brake and DIN norm era.
M44's were a variation of the M41 example basically a gray market binding.
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Yes, I agree that that's the binding madog has; the Japan colors were, um. anyway. Fairly sure I have both a pink Xstream and yellow/teal/sorbet set somewhere...

Note the pic you've linked clearly shows M41 with the french-style "1", there is no horizontal bar on the second character.


You'll perceive the confusion.
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Thanks guys, I add a picture of the ski's not a very good pic of the bindings tho!

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Another Pic

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Those are an older, entry to intermediate ski, but a very decent ski. The bindings are are on the upper end of quality. The 41's were a very nice binding, still indemnifiable. Excellent choice. Be sure to get them waxed properly including Rotobrushing! Bob
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