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Stowe 12/26

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Just thouht som of you would like to know how things are up North after the rain.

Stowe is near 100% open. The only closed trails are the top pitches of Goat, Starr and Lookout. The bumps are very firm, but not icy and the groomers are getting better every day. On Monday they were like skiing on golfballs, but yesterday there were just a few areas that still needed work. I rode up the lift with the head of mountain ops and he had those areas targeted for extra work last night. Oh... no crowd at all yesterday.Parking lot was only half full and we skiied right onto the Quad all day. Hopefully it was a travel day and we'll be busier today.

PS - snow in the forecast for today and tonight
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Good to here Epic. I skinned up with T on Monday and anything not groomed was 'interesting'. My pass is blacked out till the 2nd, can't wait to get back out there. I'll do some hiking till then.
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The mountain was busier today. Still no intolerable lines though. On days like today, you wonder how long it will be before the trails get "scraped off". The mountain seems to have held up well. My last run today was down Gondolier at 3 PM. That trail probably gets some of the heaviest traffic on the hill. There were a few icy patches, but by no means did it get scraped down to all ice.
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