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Montezuma Bowl 12/26/07

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We jumped off Lenawee lift and skated over for a view today. Perhaps another 18-24 that holds firm and we'll be skiing the backside of A-Basin soon.

East View:

South-West Centerline:

Zuma Cornice:

Started soon after to blow off the snow:

Looking well out:

…good cover frontside, Pali hard pack w/some exposed, clear, 9-10 F, no/low wind.

Happy Holidays.

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Now THAT gets me excited!!!
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Nice pics...the views are incredible from the top tower. I was up there Saturday and there are a lot more exposed rocks than show up in the photos. Looks like they'd need another 3 feet of snow and no wind in order to cover the rocks. At this point, the only thing they could safely open would be the groomer below the lift.
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More rock is noticed in person as Zuma Cornice alone needs 3 foot, but with wind blowing in along the storm tracks its normally exposed back there till later in the season. However with all that anticipation and pressure to open I suspect there will be some initial waves of limited access with Patrol at the gate issuing risk warnings just to get some ski & boot pack going on back there [much like early season over on Pali]. Of course this was never an issue when it was only a BC 'ski at your own risk' experience; funny how lift service changes all that
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I had to download on the Keystone Gondola the other day due to Volant ski delamination. As I was waiting to get on I noticed a shiny line In the distance to the right. Lift ops said it was a power line. Using my 12X zoom determined that it was the Montezuma chairlift line. That bowl looks like it will be a lot of fun when it opens!
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Now Don, you got me needlessly all excited with the title to this thread- I thought it had opened and I missed the first day!
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Don, I'm sure The Montezuma lift won't be open on this trip, but I'm sure you'll kick my butt all over the area on the next trip!
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