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Skis for wife

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I'm looking to get some new skis for my wife and can't seem to wade through the various conflicting opinions from the kids at the local shops...

She's been skiing on an off for about 10 years. Never for long enough to really get the hang of it but we're planning to fix that once and for all. She's comfortable with parallel turns on the Greens and easier Blues but reverts back to the old snow plow on the more advanced Blues. She's currently skiing on 170cm Rossignol Energy's which are about 10 years old(diff. shape from todays shape ski's). She's 5'5", currently ~170lbs(incl. post pregnancy weight, but I'm confident she'll be back sub-150 by next season) and has quite strong legs. We've been out twice this year and expect we'll make it out for another 10 days which will likely include a few hours of private lessons to help get her to the next level. I'd like to find a ski that will be easy enough for her to ski now, but leave room for growth for a couple years or so. Here's what we've found at the local stores, but we're also open to looking harder for recommended ski's....

'07 Atomic B9:7 150cm $499
'08 Hot Minx $499
'08 Cool Minx $399
'07 K2 True Luv 153cm $499
'06 Rossi Passion II 154cm $299
'07 Blizzard Emocion 6900 150cm $279
'07 Elan My Spice 160cm $199
'07 Elan Wild Spice 160cm $199
'08 Roxy Juicy $399
'08 Roxy Sugah $499
'08 Volkl Attiva Oceana $449
'08 Exclusive Active $499
'08 Exclusive Sensation $399
'07 Fischer Vision 20 $249

Sorry for such a large list with such a large range of skis, but we've received many suggestions from the very low end and up....

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

We're on the east coast BTW and value edge hold on the hard and crunchy...

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while i'm not familiar with the skis you've listed, i'd recomend posting your question on . . . also get your wife to check it out . . .

it's a great resource for women skiers and the divas really seem to know their women's specific models!

also . . . i definatly agree with lessons!
they'll help her gain confidence and ski more assertively!!!

hope this helps!!!
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Travis, welcome to EpicSki!

The K2 Tru Luv is universally praised by the women I know who ski it, most of whom started skiing on it at a level similar to your bride's now. They all advanced well using it. Some have graduated to higher-level K2s, but I find it telling that they stuck with K2s.

The Volkls and Nordicas have had very positive reviews here, as have the Dynastars. Usually, though, I recommend ladies try the K2s first.
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I am quite familiar with many of the skis on your list. I would say that mountain girls suggestion for some advice from SkiDiva would be fine, but you'll find many of the ski diva's also post here.

Okay, the true luv is a fine ski for a beginner/intermediate, but is also very soft and may be a bit soft for a lady with your wifes measurements.

The Blizzard Emocion has a sandwich construction and will offer the intermediate forgiveness but will likely be a bit stiffer, which may be a good thing.
The Elan spice's that you mention are good skis but again, may be a bit soft for her, though not as soft as the k2.
If you have a chance to demo some nordicas, you should look at the victory with a 74 waist it would be versatile and yet the nordica line holds well on east coast conditions.
I am not familiar with all of the other skis you mentioned, but know that the Fischer line gets rave reviews on SkiDiva.

If I were you, buying from the list you have above, I'd get the Blizzard emocion.
If I were you and looking for demos, I'd try all I could and see what puts the biggest grin on her face.

Hope this helps.
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One word....Boots.
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