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Powder Mt Cobabe Canyon Tours

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Cobabe Canyon Tour For intermediates that would love experiencing serene high mountain woods and open powder bowls.

Has anybody done this tour there....
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I am not familiar with this tour, but was able to ski Cobabe Canyon yesterday with a friend who is quite familiar with Powder Mountain. The weather was quite cold and windy with light flurries all day. The 1 to 2 feet of powder that we found in Cobabe was left over from the 27" Christmas Eve storm ... still untracked lines after 4 days .

I can honestly say that it was a fantastic experience. The place is quite expansive and it felt like we had it to ourselves all day. Over the course of 4 runs in Cobabe, we passed maybe 3 skiers total. We did see a Powder Mountain Host guiding a group of boarders back there, but we never crossed paths after the initial hike out.

If you are not familiar with Powder, I would recommend utilizing a guide (or hooking up with some locals).
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Hey so would anyone be willing to show around a bunch of snowbird skiers at powder mountain on the 6th? beers/ guided tour of snowbird are your payment.
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
Hey so would anyone be willing to show around a bunch of snowbird skiers at powder mountain on the 6th? beers/ guided tour of snowbird are your payment.
Bush - Someone should take you up on the offer. I would but I haven't been to PowMow enough to show you the whole mountain.
Your offer of beers would be nice, but the tour of Snowbird would be the real kicker. I have been there dozens of times and can get around OK, but I'm sure there are tons of lines the I have not even seen yet.

If you are not able to hook-up with someone for the 6th, I can give you a level 100 guide to Cobabe. Take the Hidden Lake quad and follow the cat track skiers-right to the Sunrise platter lift. From the top of the platter you can access Cobabe a few ways. You can take the high traverse and hike out to the east ridge boundary and have almost unlimited lines to choose from. You can also follow the Sunrise Ridge trail out to Sanctuary (little to no hike) and the pick your line from there.
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Bushwhacker- the thing to do is pool money and hire a guide who skis there everyday. Best $$ I ever spent.
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From what I've read from your posts, Cobabe will not do it for you. It is very low angle stuff.
I think you will be happier skiing the steeper lines & bowls accessed from Lightening Ridge & James Peak. Bring your skins or take the Cat if it is running. Also if there is new snow, Powder Country to the access road can be fun.
Also, I got a report from Monday that the snow at the bottom of Paradise is still a little thin, but skiing was good!
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I will be going to Utah several times next year and was interested in getting one of the guided tours for myself and my sons. I noticed that Mr. Crab has done it. Just wondering if anyone else has and what the experience was like. Particuarly powder country. I understand it's possible to get lost back there if you don't know area.
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