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It's SPRING... again

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Pics were taken at 5pm EST (NYC). Now, that's what I'm taking about...

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check out the cat in the tree in the second photo.
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what cat? :
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you can't see it? and you checked the right tree? well, not the RIGHT tree; it's actually the LEFT tree that's the right one.
To look at.
IF you want to see the cat.
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I see it. Poor thing. I Hope someone called the fire department. Also, it appears to actually be in the middle tree, not the right or left.
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Is this like one of those 'magic eye' things? If I stair at it long enough until my eyes go crossed will the location of the cat suddenly spring out at me? [img]smile.gif[/img] :
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I'm not seeing the cat...but looks really sweet! I wish we had some snow.
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