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K2 Burnin Luv question

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Just got these for She Who Must Be Obeyed.© (intellectual property of Bode Klammer. )

There is a rather interesting teardrop metal clip (decoration? adjustment? Flux Capacitor?) halfway between the tip and binding, fastened to the ski with a hex screw.

Does anybody know if it's supposed to serve a purpose? Or is it just "oooh, ahhh," decorative?

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That would be the "MOD Monic":
Fully integrated within the MOD structure, MOD Monic is an extension of MOD Technology, focusing the benefits of mass dampening into a concentrated area. The entire surface of a ski benefits from the MOD structure, but some areas need it more than others. Independent studies at Boeing Laboratories determined precisely where to place the Monic by finding the area of the ski that would benefit the most from additional mass. By targeting a specific area, we aren't needlessly adding weight. Monic allows for the majority of the MOD structure to be lightened, and have the extra mass focused precisely where it increases performance.
In other words ... it's a weight.

What is "MOD Technology," you ask?
Praised by magazine tests and validated by skiers around the world, MOD Technology has proven to be the ultimate in ski design today. MOD combines an elastomeric secondary core that works as a high-performance suspension system and mass damper to provide the highest degree of ease, power, forgiveness and performance available in skis today. The amount, application and distribution of mass are the keys to the success of MOD Technology. At K2, unlike any other manufacturer, our application of mass via the MOD structure does not affect flex, allowing the ski to perform freely while MOD absorbs unwanted vibrations independently.
Info here.
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My recollection: men’s skis have 30 grams, women’s 15 grams of weight placed at that spot. And yes, the weights are "strategically" placed to help dampen the ski.

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That tear drop button is right at the stress point of the ski. This is where they used to have the ACX unit, which was wonderful but got too expensive for K2 to continue to use. Teh MOD technology was tested at Boeing in Seattle! BTW- the Burnin' Love.... absolutely great women's ski! Good choice! Bob
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