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anything similar?

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Im looking to buy boots for my first set of skis. I ski rather aggresively and am looking for a boot with a decent stiffness. I went to my local bootfitter and it seems that the Nordica Ignition or Spark both make good fits as do the Technica diablo line. I really like the spark and ignition, unfortunately they are both a little out of my price range. Is there anything simmilar to these boots(i like them because they are just a little wider) that will suit both me and my price range; about 350?
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ctw1105, welcome to EpicSki!

I'll give you my recommendation: invest a little bit more in higher-quality boots and a good fit/balance in them.

Alternatively, wait until late in the season and return to the shop. If they still have them, they are likely to be selling for substantially less than they are now.

Don't scrimp on your boots! They are the one aspect of your equipment where the investment pays dividends in a big way!
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Welcome to Epic. This forum established by them is a great spot to get recommendations.

I'll echo Steve's sentiments. A boot in the $350 price range is a fairly low level boot. Granted it is many skiers first purchase but is not meant to satisfy the demands of someone that actually expects performance from their equipment and even hopes to make gains. Additionally you will certainly gain from good bootfit and alignment and this simply will not be possible with a total of $350 to spend.

I think Steve's advice is correct. Invest more or go back later when you may find products at a professional shop on sale.

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hey guys!
thanks alot for the advice, i think it really helped. I decided to pony up the extra money and go with the Nordica Sparks and I love the way they fit and feel! Once again I really appreciate the extra push and good advice.
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Great to hear! Where did you get them? How much fit work did you have done?
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I actually ended up getting fitted twice and both of the fitters agreed which made my finally decsion easier. The first store I went to (Princeton Sports) did a complete fitting and recomended the sparks, unfortunately they did not have my size in stock(they put me in the ignitions, saying they fit the same just with different flex). I then went to ski haus and the guy there would not sell me boots unless he fitted me and made his own recommendations, luckily after another fitting, he felt the same way and I purchased the Nordica Sparks and couldn't be happier!
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