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big toe metatarsal pain

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Hi Guys -
I've got Lange WC Team 100 boots with a good snug fit. This is my 2nd season in them and they ski great. Problem is, the left boot has always been too short for my big toe (although my right foot measures a squeak larger). Originally I had excruciating pain at the outer tip of my big toe/toenail. The shell has been punched/ground at the tip of my big toe, a chunk of the felt on the zeppa removed, the rubber off the front of the liner removed. This all worked to relieve the intense pain at the outer corner of my big toe. But after a season of stretching and skiing, much pressure remained, so most recently the liner was slit allowing my big toe to burst thru since we deemed the liners are just plain too short. The left big toe has plenty of wiggle room now which is good. However, now after razoring the liner, I'm getting metatarsal pain in that toe after skiing a few hours. It feels like an achy pain in the joint, not the surface tissues. What would suddenly cause this new pain that I didn't have before slitting the liner? The slit goes from across the tip of the big toe, from outer corner of nail to inbetween big and 2nd toe. : Let me know if you questions and I'll try to give you more info.
Thanks -
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that boot has a narrow heel pocket. On the left boot are you all the way back into the heel pocket of the boot? Sounds like you should have enough room, but if the heel is not back .....

also you are using a very thin sock?
not walking in the boots?
some kind of upgraded footbed?
2nd buckle from the top is tight? (to drive the heel back)
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Hi mtnlion,
I'm all the way back in the pocket. Working my heel well into the pocket is part of my normal boot-up process, and heels feel snug throughout the day.
-I use smartwool ultralight socks
-I only walk in the boots at the base
-I have 6 y/o superfeet beds and had never felt any problem with them before
-second buckle starts off the day on first bailer, then I move it tighter later in the day

Some food for thought, since this is a new pain that only began after slicing the liner.. Tell me if it may or may not be helpful. What I think I'm feeling in there - normally in my street shoes, my big and 2nd toes only brush together, but in my left boot I can feel they press together, almost overlap. The toe almost feels like it is being pushed toward the inside. I'm wondering if perhaps before we sliced the liner, when my toe had been in an arched position because of the pressure I had at the tip, the metatarsal raised up (I now recall I used to have a slight hotspot above my metatarsal which is no longer felt) and now that my toe lays flat, it's now allowing the side pressure of the liner/boot to push the toe sideways causing the ache? It's the only thing that I can think of that feels different since slicing the liner. I'm in these boots for 10 hrs at a time. The ache starts early in the day but does not get worse as the day goes on.
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It sounds as if you may be on the correct track and that you will probably do well without us. Has the toe and metatarsal area been widened to let your foot lay flat?

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Hi Lou
Thanks! I have not yet had them widen the area. It's great to be able to get "second opinions" from you guys before I do anything, just in case.
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No problem. Try putting your foot in just the shell with the heel back in the heel pocket. Pivot your forefoot from side to side using your heel as a pivot. There should be some space around the forefoot for at least a few mms of movement. For some skiers more is necessary. But if at least the few mms aren't there then have a fitter open the lower over the instep area of your foot and look inside to see where the space is needed and punch or grind accordingly. Punching of course can get more room.

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Have you had the back of the left shell contoured @ the heel area? You can probably get a few mm's by doing that. Also, Lange is notorious for producing short liners in their boots. Get in touch with me...you're not too far from my office.
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Hi - Haven't done anything further yet. 3rd ski day after slitting the liner, the cramp seems to be subsiding a little. I'm doing a wait and see, to see if maybe the liner is starting to relax and is not pushing my toe to the side so much... If the problem persists after next weekend, then I'll make the next appt. Thanks everyone and I'll keep you updated what happens. Cantman where are you located anyway?
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Martini...Main Office - Feasterville PA 19053
Satellite Office - Sno Mountain PA (Montage)
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Hey cantman, thanks for the info! However I'm a good 2hrs away from you. But if I find myself heading over that way, I'll look you up. I'm in northeast jersey.
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