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Good ski books/videos

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I am looking for ways to help my skiing progress, and I am pretty much at the point where I can do everything reasonably well, but there are some small things I am doing wrong and they impede my progress. I do not notice those things as they are not that big – I can get down pretty much any run (including Western double diamonds with any combinations of powder, rocks, steeps, trees and narrow spaces) and I do not fall or lose control, but I have to slow down every several turns, I get tired quickly (not because of physical shape, but because lack of finesse) and do not look nearly as smooth on hard runs as I’d like. I explored this with an instructor and my problem apparently is twofold:

1. Lack of practice – I know how to do a lot of things and can do them but lack consistency that comes with practice (e.g. ski 4-5 mogul bumps with good rhythm, temp, stance, speed etc and then lose rhythm or screw up the stance for the next 1-2 turns and so on)
2. Not knowing some small tricks and details about stance, balance etc that are not really essential to skiing well and are not making much difference individually, but combined together constitute that difference between advanced and expert skiers.

The obvious solutions to these issues would be to spend more time on the slopes for #1 and take lessons for #2, and I’m going to do so, but I’d like something to supplement that. I think some good training guide/book/video could help me a lot. For issue #1, I’d think some off-slope exercises can be helpful to train the necessary moves. I’ve seen a video of an Olympic freestyle champion training, and she did these interesting exercises in the gym, some even with skies and boots on. I believe I could do something like this as an addition of on-slope practice. Are there any books or videos with this type of exercises?

As for issue #2, it’s more straightforward – I am looking for an advanced level ski guide/video. I’m pretty sure there is a lot of those – I just need an advice on what’s good. The only issue may be that I am trying to improve my skiing across the board and not only in a specific area, while training guides of this level can be specialized.

Anyway, to sum it up, I am looking for advice on two things – 1) a guide/video for off-mountain exercises (not general fitness - rather specific movement practice) for GS/SL/Freestyle training; 2) good advanced level videos/books showing and explaining all these little tricks that make expert skiers feel at home in any conditions and spend minimal energy even on the toughest runs.
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Welcome to EpicSki!

There are a number of books offered by EpicSki regulars that you would likely find very helpful.

Lisa Marie Mercer's great ski-specific fitness book, "Open Your Heart with Winter Fitness" offers an exceptional reference to ski-specific exercise and fitness. She also participates here and is more than willing to clarify and expand on what she has written there.

Weems Westfeldt, an ancient ski pro from back in the days when skis were chiseled out of very long rocks, is another regular here who has an exceptional book and companion DVD called "Brilliant Skiing, Every Day". I cannot recommend the set highly enough. You can order them from his web site.

There are others, too, including mogul-specific books, all-mountain skiing books, and ski training system-specific books. From the perspective of someone wanting to make this kind of breakthrough quickly, though, those are two excellent resources that I highly recommend.

Oh, and you might want to check out the EpicSki Academy, as well...
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