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Last year, I skied a Head Worldcup M103 boot with an Expert Booster Strap. At 235 pounds and pretty strong legs I found the boots to be a bit soft. They fit well without modifications, and I have Insta Print footbeds.

I got a great deal on a pair of 2007 Fischer WC Soma 150. They are not the plug. I knew they would be narrower than the Heads and would require some work to get fit. I also picked of a pair of Intuition Power Wraps. After having my local shop look at them, it is going to cost $100 to $150 to get the shells punched to fit. I am also considering getting Intuitions Plug liner.

Before I spend a few hundred dollars on the Fischers, I would like to get your opinion on the difference between the Heads and the Fischers. Will there be a significant difference in the stiffness between the two boots? Will there be any other appreciable differences in the boots?