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In your opinion,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, best bibs/pants.

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I'd like your opinion as to which brand and or model of bibs/pants
you think is BEST. Best = waterproof/breathable(XCR??), style and wearability. I'm coming out of a pair of 12 year old goretex Moonstone bibs. I live in great PNW so lotsa sitting in slush on chair.

Whether you own a pair or not.. what would you buy and why?

Thanks group! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Carharts, or the Carhart knockoffs you get at Walmart.
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well carharts are definitly stylish and they make a statement, but when they get soggy you weigh about 20 pounds more. Go with the pants! you can actually bend over without having to strain and pull! I have a pair of helly-hansons that I love! the outside material is tough and flexible, they have full length side zippers(gotta have the zippers)

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Mountain Hardware Ethereal FTX pants are made of some sort of absolutely indestructable nylon (with goretex). These pants are comfortable with a 100 or 200 wt fleece underneath, fit great, have attachments for suspenders, and full side zips (and I got mine at a closeout sale for 65% off!). The Arcteryx bibs are supposed to be great (I love their Alpha SV jacket), but they don't have full side zips. Their lightweight full zip goretex pants are on sale at mgear.com for $135.00 ($100 off). They also have various north face goretex pants and bibs on sale.
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I've been really impressed by Mountain Hardware, Moonstone & especially Marmot. Its all over priced though so I tend to pick a few lines I'll buy then wait to see what I can get at the end of the season.
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I have a 8 year old pair of Moonstones 2L with lining and internal gaiters, but for backup bought a pair of Beta AR (Arcteryx) pants. Minimal with the urethane sidezips, no internal gaiters, well made. Wish Moonstone was the same company, but they have gone throught too many owners, don't have any feel for their quality control. Arcteryx is especially good if you can get them on sale.
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Het Str8, if it's primarily the slushy seats that is making you consider new bibs, try a pair of "hot buns". Been using a pair for 3-4 seasons now for the slushy seat days. Mine are black, so they blend right in with my black bibs.

Available at Reliable Racing...

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A pair of Spyder XT bibs with light weight Hot Chillys have worked well for me.
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Gotta go with Spyder Coaches Bibs! Never have I had such comfort, functional pockets, warm, reasonably water resistant, and most importantly- long wearing!

Wore them for years as a coach, and don't think I ever actually wore a pair out!

Not a lot of color options, but - hey- black goes with everything!

: : :
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Don't buy the Marker pant. The cuffs are so small they don't fit over any boot and make it look like a pantaloon!
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Let me ad one more to the don't buy list. Don't waist your money on Boulder Gear Bibs They claim waterproof breathable Well They do breath they also leak once wet they hold moisture in. Zippers are cheap all in all a really bad pair of bibs I would be better off skiing in jeans!
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Since you're close to the Canadian border, go to Vancouver and visit MEC (basically, the REI of Canada). I bought a great pair of XCR ski bibs (Fall Line model? visit mec.ca) from MEC at about 1/2 the cost of comparable brands in the US. After the first season, I had REI repair services put beefier cordura ankle patches on the bibs for about $25 otherwise they've been great. Durable material, great waterproofness, full length zippers, great knee articulation, dual zippered chest pockets, wraparound pit zip for easy access, roomy enough to layer fleece pant below, very effective gusseting around the ankle for keeping snow out of legs. In general MEC has great priced, well designed, functional but not flashy gear. They also seem to stay closer to the coop roots than REI, who seem to be going for the lifestyle people and investing tremendous amounts in marketing, merchanding and expensive new stores.
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I have had good use of a pair of black snowboard pants that I inherited from my son. They are Fila black pants with additional waterproof layers on the knees and the seat. Have found them very useful in the PNW. Suggest you also chcek into some snowboard pants if you are really looking for extra waterproofing in key areas. I have also used the Spyder Coaches bib and they have been indestrucitble. However, they are a bit heavy, even without all the coaches junk I used to carry.
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I used to still have a pair of Spyder bib pants that I used to wear in highschool when I was racing and style meant more than functionality but they always let water through when it was really wet. Last season I got a great deal on a pair of North Face bib pants. They are really heavy duty Gore Tex and have full side zips and a drop seat. They have articulated knees with extra reinforcement anywhere there might be wear. I just had a quick look at the North Face site and it looks like they don't make them anymore but if you can still find a pair they are great. I skied a day at Sunday River in Maine last season during a Nor'easter when the chairs were coming back down with an inch of snow on them and the pants were great. The snow was melting when it landed anywhere but on existing snow so all the wimpy tourist skiers who got tired of skiing in those plastic bags that resorts give out on wet days were in the lodge while a few of us were skiing some of the only powder of the season with no lift lines.

[img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] Chris
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