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quick question- does the autodrive plate on dynastars skis require look/rossi bindings?
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No i dont believe that they do require look or rossi bindings but if you are planning on skiing an autodrive plate i would reccommend a look or a rossi binding, because that is what they are designed to work with. Because the heel of the plate slides i dont know how bindings like the marker piston are able to mount on the plate but i have seen it done... My advice would be to use a look or rossi binding though.
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I would be mounting a Marker 9.1 SC on the ski. Would this effect the fundtion of the SC?
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by biker:
I would be mounting a Marker 9.1 SC on the ski. Would this effect the fundtion of the SC?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Why on earth would you want to do that? Yes the SC would affect the performance of the ski when combined with that plate. The Autodrive plate allows the heelpiece of the binding to float, but SC allows the toe to float. It would be a very wobbly ride with no part of the binding actually fixed to the ski.

Also I am not sure step in heelpieces will fit on the Autodrive plate. It is designed for the short mounting footprint of the Look/Rossi pivot bindings so some combinations of boot and binding may be too long to fit on the plate.

Stick with Look/Rossi, they are the best bindings anyway and you won't have the pre-release problems of Marker.
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I'll explain-
I sent my Dynastar powertracs into warranty (I bent them, and they said they could replace them) and had my marker SC bindings taken off. IF dynastar sends back this years model of the powertract (intutive 74) I dont want to buy new bindings. However, after your advice i think I'll try to find some looks.
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cool - I'm on Powertracs myself, mounted with Look P8 and a maxflex II plate. It's a really nice combination, the skis kick arse but reuire your full attention at all times. From what I've heard about the Intuitiv 74 it is quite a bit softer than the powertrac, but then the powertrac could afford to be a bit more forgiving.

I would definitely recommend Look bindings though, I have never had any problem with them and ski them two points below what I had to set my old markers to, I will never go back to marker. But the SC would be a terrible combination with the Autodrive plate.
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