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Need advice on first time gear - plus sizes and googles for glasses?

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Pardon my extreme newbieness, but I'm going to be taking us all skiing for the very first time and I am clueless about what to buy. I'm bringing two daughters and I want them to be warm. I need super help with specific brand/clothing suggestions!

So here are my questions:

1. One of my daughters wears a plus size (like 18/20) and I can google "plus size ski clothes" but have never heard of any of the brands or even know if they are good. She definitely needs a larger sized pant (can probably get away with an XL jacket...and XL long underwear...but needs bigger pants I think) and is only a teenager so I don't want her to look frumpy or have other teens look at her funny, you know?

2. Both daughters wear glasses and I guess I need goggles that can fit over them. Suggestions on where to get these?

3. I need long underwear (Hot Chilys?), a fleece, and a jacket and pants for each, right?

Sorry to be so clueless...but the brands that I recognize for clothing (Trinity/Northface/Obermeyer) don't seem to have plus sizes.

We're talking about a trip to Vermont in February or March if that helps with weather determination.


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Here's one I found through Google search http://www.yourstoretoexplore.com/?g...FReEhgodPQJVQg

They list plus sizes for women so others should have the same products.

Mens clothing might offer more fit selection but they don't fit a women like they should in the hips and legs .

Goggles come in many over the glasses options so they won't be any trouble to find.

Oh yeah, welcome to Epic
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Your thread title is sort of an attention getter. Thanks for the smile

Welcome to EpicSki!

I've got freind(s) with plus size clothing issues when it comes to skiing. The good news is that there is a great womens catalog with winter clothing that your daughter may just find helpful.
Junonia http://www.junonia.com/thumb.htm?tl=7&ldid=296&sdid=318

As Garry said, there are tons of options in the OTG goggles out there. Just make sure they fit the helmet and you're good to go!
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Welcome to skiing, and to epic!

With regards to your first question, Obermeyer has ladies' ski pants up to a 20 depending on which model you're looking at. They also have several that come in short, regular and long if length's an issue. Would hate for her to drown in the inseam of a size 20 if she's not tall. I haven't had any Obermeyer stuff, but they're spoken of highly, and several ladies on the ski diva have had experience with their plus size clothes in particular and recommended them. Check out their website.

For your second question, I agree with Trek and Garry. You might wanna look around online and see which models have the features you want, and then head to the store to try things on. Take a look here for starters.

As for your third question, you're definitely thinking in the right direction. Ideally you want to get shell pants and jacket, and layer up to suit the weather. Hot chilis make a good base layer, but you can find cheaper brands at sporting goods stores that do just as well in my opinion. Just make sure to stay away from cotton in all your layers, it holds on to your perspiration and can cool you down or freeze in your clothes.

Just since nobody's said it yet, start everybody out with a lesson for maximum safety and enjoyment.

Good luck and have fun!
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Thanks so much for the advice!

Oh...yeah...I have to make sure the goggle fit the helmet...another thing to think about!

And, um, do people wear ski pants right over their long underwear, or is there a layer in between (and if so, what would that other layer be made out of?).

Thanks for the welcome and for not totally making fun of me.

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Some ski pants are insulated, some are not. If you need additional warmth, I would recommend fleece pants.
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Cloths for children
- mid weight long underwear (like Hot Chilly, Smartwool, Body Armour)
- mid weight fleece and/or vest
- insulated coat and pants (water-resistant/proof)
- that is all you need

- assuming the frame is normal, most goggles will fit well over child-size glasses (probably best to fit at a store). My 8-yo wears a pair of Rec-spec (highly recommended for sports activities) under a Uvex Supravision.

Don't forget socks. Get them some proper sized ski socks (I like Eurosocks a lot). Although they may not sweat much at this age, they do get wet from the snow. Cotton will bunch up when wet and get cold.
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