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salomon 1080 foil 2007

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I got last year's model of the salomon 1080 foils today and I was wondering if anyone had these and whether or not they were bothered by the fact that they are kind of purple. They look to be excellent skis and I can't wait to test them out in vermont next week, but I kind of wish they had made a men's ski in more of a manly color.
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does anyone own these? say something...
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I thought last years (06-07) were the ones that looked like a Wonder Bread package on crack?? The year before (05-06) were blu-ish and white. Aren't this years even uglier than last years? Some wierd-ass graffiti or something??

From what I've heard though, a lot of people love the Foil. It was on my short list for a while. Let us know what you think after you get to use them.
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Those were on my short list as well, but a fellow bear (who is an instructor) told me that in his experience the Foils had a tendency to delaminate. I went with K2 PE instead.

Agreed on the graphics- those are just too funky for me.
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