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Worn out Liners/Boots

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I've worn out the liners on my tele boots. The boots are 4 years (~300 days) old, most of it lift serviced. What is the typical life of a ski boot? If I replace the liner, is it likely that I'm going to have to replace the boot within the next year or two?
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200 days is normal.

replacing the shells,.... depends on the wear on them. I have some alpine boots with 500+ days on them and 3rd liner.

look at intuition liners for your boots, $200ish, liner and warmer then stock
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Boots can go hundreds and hundreds of days, but liners cannot. Replacing your liners will probably work fine. Since you are mostly resort skiing don't forget to look at Zipfits liners as they will improve performance of your boots and also look at Conforfits by Conformable as they are another liner with properties similar to Intuition.

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