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TR: *Beach & Snow* - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico & Kirkwood, CA

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I thought it would be fun to mix this blur of travel into one little TR.

Dates: December 15th - 21st
Location: Casa Vellas, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

With absolutely no snow worth mentioning in Tahoe in November and early December we figured it would be a great time to head on down to Puerto Vallarta for a little R&R. Most people were off washing their cars to appease Ullr, but I thought these snow god appeasing rituals needed to be kicked up a notch. So off we went....and here are some pics:

ahhh.....many hours spent by this pool. keep the drinks comin!

our hotel, Casa Velas, in the background

the pool was as quiet as the pics suggest for nearly our entire stay. looks like we got in and out just before a Christmas and New Years rush so it amazingly relaxing and the service was unmatchable. You would just have to pick up the drink menu and a waiter would be rushing over to whip up your drink of choice. Depsite the lack of crowds, we did have some company at least....

We were also lucky enough to time our trip with the beginning of whale watching season. These guys were making their annual pilgrimage from up North to chill out for awhile and mate:

me on the whale watching boat:

myself and my better half:

the hotel also had a private beach club with infinity pool looking out over Banderas Bay and the town of PV to the South. hmm...looks promising...

man I really hope this sacrifice is paying off back in Kirkwood

view from our dinner table:

hola senorita

what is this?

ARRGHGHH!!! I took this pirate ship sighting as a hint that our sacrifice had paid off and Ullr was appeased, so the next day we boarded the next flight back to NorCal

************************************************** **

Dates: December 22nd and 23rd
Location: Kirkwood, CA

While away, Kirkwood did in face recieve several feet of snow. Surpisingly it was enough to convince the management the entire mountain should now open up, but in reality, we still need some signficant snow fall to make one want to put away the rock skis. The snow is good off-piste...but there are rocks EVERYWHERE. Still very fun though and great to be back on snow.

all these pics courtesy of lph

playing around in the rocks

Chair 10 was finally open, but with the most minimal coverage I have every seen. That entire rock face at the top is usually skiable.

Lookout Vista. There was actually good snow here. Really gave this small aspect a 'big mountain' feel cause you really had to know your line and where you were going from the top as many of the usual lines were to rocky or they closed out in unhuckable airs.

me finding a small stash:

I was having major boot pain issues. So I took off for the lodge to kick off my shoes while my friends continued to find some stashes:

so coverage is very thin, but Kirkwood is now 100% open. suppossed to get a little bit of snow this week I think so hopefully things will start improving fast. Now I just hope these new Intuition liners break in *fast* so I can start enjoying it....

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Thanks for the report!

A trip to the beach in December; that will keep the better half happy & good for the soul too.

Cheers & Happy Holiday,

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Excellent thread up as it was exciting to see two places we certainly have missed. Did the locals sell you anything on the beach? Man, they would walk from town down the beach front by the thousands : And Kirkwood...still holds fond memories and great friends. Looks like you two enjoyed. Thanks for the share!
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Kryptons still giving you issues?
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
Kryptons still giving you issues?
yeah. major foot cramping in both feet. insanely painful as in take 3 runs, nearly pass out on the chair, feeling nauseous, then stumble into the lodge to rip them off. When I take them off my feet are numb. Wait inside for 20 minutes, put boots back on, then repeat the cycle over again. It's really holding my skiing back and I have a comp coming up in less then a month so I'm getting worried. I was hoping an upgrade to some intuition liners would help me out, but so far.....I dunno.

Saturday was really bad, but I went up on Sunday again hoping that the Intuitions just need to break in and experienced the same thing. So I went in and actually took out the footbeds hoping I'd get some more volume in there and that actually helped. I had to ski with the boots nearly all the way unbuckled most of the day, but this did allow me to stay out there and ski. When I took the boots off though my arches were killing me I guess from skiing w/o footbeds.

Unless Intuitions just need to break in a little, I'm thinking these things just don't fit my feet. I've never experienced pain like this with boots before.
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I’m also have some issues with a new pair of Krypton Pro IDs. It seems the liner packed out a little after 3 days. When I tighten the middle buckle to get the control back it kills my feet. I have to loosen the boot after 1 run.

I need to get back to my bootfitter. I’m hoping lowering the foot bed will help.

This is after 3 years in Crosses without any issues from day 1 until the liner wore out.

Phil: Is the stiff tongue the darker color?
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