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Looking for Gondolas

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We're looking for ski resorts that have gondola lifts in the western U.S.. Any help would be appreciated.
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Why? Big Sky has a gondola. It services some beginner and intermediate runs. Silver Mountain in Northern Idaho has the longest gondola in the world. It is used to get people from the town to the ski area.
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Vail and Deer Valley both have gondolas.
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Gaperbowl, CO has a gondola...

(sorry, couldn't resist )
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Snowbasin, outside of Ogden, Utah has gondolas. It also has some nice terrain in which to play.
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Breckenridge, CO. has a brand new one.....
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I rode the gondola at Jackson Hole all last week
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Snowbird has a tram.
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Squaw has a Tram and a Funitel.
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I suggest you run a google search of the web for the words "gondola" and "ski".
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What I'm really looking for is a funicular.
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As indicated by other posts there are a lot of them. Keystone, CO has two, the first runs out of the base, then walk 50 feet to second and ride deeper into interior of terrain. Snowbasin has two gondolas and one tram.
Off top of my head, others in US West with one not previously mentioned: The Canyons, Heavenly, Aspen Mtn, Snowmass, Steamboat
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Originally Posted by mikekomm View Post
We're looking for ski resorts that have gondola lifts in the western U.S.. Any help would be appreciated.
Snowbasin has you covered.
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Is this like trainspotting? :

You can only see WP's gondola cars in the evening when they take off some chairs and replace them with the cars on the Zeyphr lift.
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Heavenly and Northstar immediately come to mind in the Tahoe area.
Sugarbowl as well according to the trail map. rickp
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You'd love Keystone. I don't think you need to look any further.
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I heard MOuntain Creek has the longest in the world:
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If you are cold or afraid of heights, some of the help and/or teasing above may be relevant. If you are interested in gondolas for their own sake (hey, I used to work with a street-trolley enthusiast), you want to go to
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A lot of gondolas primarily serve to transport people to the skiing (i.e. you are not yo-yoing the Gondola as you ski). The gondolas at Heavenly, Northstar, the Canyons and Deer Valley fall into that category. If you want to be skiing from gondolas (with the associated weather protection and obligation to talk to strangers) you should look to:

Snowbasin (2)
Keystone (1 is used for skiing, the other primarily for transport)
Big Sky
Squaw (counting the funicular)
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Sunshine, Louise, Kicking Horse, and Revelstoke--all in Canada of course
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lutsen on the north shore
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welcome to epic, mike. Do stop by again:
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Perhaps he was thinking of Italian style gondolas, with an opera-singing helmsman! Nothing quite like a day of skiing followed by a relaxing ride down the canal!
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Originally Posted by phxpow View Post
Breckenridge, CO. has a brand new one.....
That's funny. It services parking and is a real estate play. Don't expect to ski from the gondola.

Steamboat has one as well.

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