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Dynastar Trouble Maker review

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I'm a very aggressive expert skier 205# 5'10"
Ski mostly Jumps, tricks and moguls

Ski; 175 cm 2007 trouble maker

I'm going to make this short and to the point. Funnest ski I've been on. Not the most stable, especially at speed the are very squirrely. Steeps and junk they are good but not great like Mantras. Bumps, jumps and fun the top the list.
Very quick and light. Holds a great edge. Very easy to throw around. Felt like feathers on my feet. This ski can be used as a dedicated mogul ski, a park ski and an all mountain ski provided you don't do a lot of high speed carving. This is where they performed the worst. It had nothing to do with length or being a heavier skier they just aren't made for speed.
One other note the ptex is very thin for some reason. Maybe to save weight.
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try the 181 for someone your size
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I will but I use them as a mogul ski and I love the quickness of the 175. The 181's are cheaper so I will grap a pair also.
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I just demoed the 168's they were a blast in the bumps. I normally ride 175's and was wondering how much of difference there would have been on a 175?

(I love the bumps on the Jane and I'm 5'8" 175.)

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I would say its on the small side but if they work for you then it is what it is. The trouble maker is a very light and nimble ski; The 175 will be much more stable and easier to balance on in the park. Park and freestyle skis are meant to be skied much longer than frontside carvers. The whole point is to offer a wider and bigger platform to balance on.
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I just got some of these mounted up and ready to go! Can't wait to try them! I have the 175s and I'm 5'5" and 160 soaking wet with boots on.

I would say a 175 length would definitely be not enough ski for you anywhere but in the park, pipe and bumps and you could easily handle the 181s there. Nice review though!
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Hehehe, I'm 5' 11", 210 lbs and ski a 2004 Phil Dion TroubleMaker Pro in 165! Too short? Well I like 'em. They're great fun and they gave me a fair bit of float in the foot of powder we had yesterday. These old TMs are a bit narrower than the new ones (78mm underfoot - more like the current Nothing But Trouble) but I believe the Phil Pro models were a bit stiffer than regular TMs which may be what saves my butt

I admit I would've bought 175 if the shop had had them, but they were clearing these out at the end of last season at silly cheap prices and the longer ones were all gone.
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