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Boot Dilemma

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Last year, I skied a Head Worldcup M103 boot with an Expert Booster Strap. At 235 pounds and pretty strong legs I found the boots to be a bit soft. They fit well without modifications, and I have Insta Print footbeds.

I got a great deal on a pair of 2007 Fischer WC Soma 150. They are not the plug. I knew they would be narrower than the Heads and would require some work to get fit. I also picked of a pair of Intuition Power Wraps. After having my local shop look at them, it is going to cost $100 to $150 to get the shells punched to fit. I am also considering getting Intuitions Plug liner.

Before I spend a few hundred dollars on the Fischers, I would like to get your opinion on the difference between the Heads and the Fischers. Will there be a significant difference in the stiffness between the two boots? Will there be any other appreciable differences in the boots?
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First I have to ask,"Now that you have both boots what are your impressions?" I assume you have tried both one. There will be a problem with terminology and model names here that is going to cause some problem.

I am unfamiliar with a Head boot called Worldcup that is a 103mm last. So don't don't know what boot you have. Typically a 103mm last is wide and fairly soft, but is not called WC.

The Soma 150 is a plug boot and is as narrow and stiff as a boot is made. The last is either 95 or 96mm and the flex is a 150, which is used by many WC men.

So if I am making the correct assumptions you are going from a wide soft intermediate boot to a WC flex and lasted boot. Differences will not be subtle.

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The Head Worldcup is from a few seasons ago. Here is a link to the description:


I bought the Fischers from a Fischer rep. They are the 130 model in a 150 flex. According to the rep, they are not a plug. They were also not available in the US in a 150. The boots have a 150 sticker.

Here is a link showing the boot in a 130, it look identical to the boot I have.


They definitely are narrower and I will need to have them stretched. I think the I am just trying to decide if it is worth it.
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It is not important whether we call your somas a plug or not. It is just an expression. Here is what is important. I believe the yellow Heads are a 98mm last. Definitely not 103mm. So if they fit well you should be able to get the soma's to fit although they are narrower.

The flex you bought is a 150. Stiff!. You just have to decide whether you like the flex or not.
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They feel softer than the Heads, but I have not had them outside. I would guess they stiffen up in the cold.
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