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Gauge Your Habit

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This poll attempts to get a fix on the EpicSki Community's skiing habits.
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I like the poll, nolo, except that question 6 can be quite misleading. A person who spends a total of $500 a year on skiing may be spending either 100% or 10% of her or his discretionery income. Less financially blessed folk may be spending less money than others while spending a larger portion of the funds with which they have discretion.
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I wish you would have broken down question 5 a little. I am in the 1-2 trips a year so I own boots but rent skis and poles. I answered rent.
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You're right, guys. I could have done better with the answer choices. First time WAM--What A lot of Mistakes.
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Good poll, it's been a while since we had one about skiing!

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Thanks for playing. We have had 48 voters in 24 hours. That's a great response, I think, not having any way to measure it...

A nice feature of the software is the ability to import the data to Excel.

I think it's safe to say that this will not be my last poll...What's also nice is getting feedback via the thread about how well you designed the questions/responses.

All in all, I am way impressed with this feature, AC.
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It'll be interesting to see how the numbers match up against this much earlier poll.
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Originally posted by oboe:
I like the poll, nolo, except that question 6 can be quite misleading.
I don't quite understand question #6. "discretionary funds" are what is left over AFTER feeding my snow habit...
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A guy with your handle would say that...
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The way we think about that question is 'what proportion of our holiday budget' is going on skiing?

(as we're sad full-time office workers a long way from the slopes the key element of the budget is days off work rather than money but I think it's the same idea)
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