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Seven Springs GTG Ski, Snowboard, TeleMonoBoard and Beer!

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An Epic Get Together with Cirquerider, Laurel Hill Crazie, Telerod, Jimmy and daughter of Cirquerider.

Laurel Hill Crazie reminding yinz, this is Stiller country.

Alison took this shot of the old guys in front of the inaugural opening of the new Gunnar high speed quad on the back side at Seven Springs.

The conditions were soft wet snow, but it felt really cold to this Californian thanks to a persistent fog sitting on top of the hill and a brisk wind. Really appreciate everyone coming out and making the most of this pre-Christmas get together. Telerod upped the interest by skiing half the day on telemark skis, and then broke out the tele-monoboard for the afternoon. Since I'd never seen this, it was picture worthy.

Telerod on telemark:

Movement analysis in Tele (makes my knees hurt just to look)

What is a Tele Board?

Jimmy ups the smile factor on the North Bowl.

Alison on snowboard, doing what snowboarders do

Laurel Hill Crazie showing why faster skiers are harder to catch on camera.

Then showing how to earn buying the first round:

And he delivers at the Foggy Goggle. Definitely one of my favorite stops on this trip.

Alison agrees.

Thanks for a great day. See you soon.
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Good show.

Hey Jimmy got a new hat for Christmas!

Telerod's an animal.

Between LHC's Steeler garb and that Rolling Rock sign behind Alison the photos definitely authentic the locale as Western PA, land of modest hills and great NFL quarterbacks.
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Looks like a sweet day.

Hard to beat hooking up with some bear buds
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Not only was the camaraderie up to expectations but conditions on the hill exceeded expectations.

The new Gunnar (Goo-nar) 6 pack made for quick laps and Gunnar had soft machine made as did the entire North Face including Sunset Slope from the upper lot. Giant Steps in between was closed with sparse natural cover making the traverse over to Gunnar problematic, sorry Alison. NF quad was empty all day. The only ice was in Yak Yak Glades. Avalanche was sweet too. I found no bumps but I didn't ski Stowe, traditional early season bump run. We probably skied about 12-15,000 vertical in a few hours.

The Foggy has a little Micro-brew spot and we had a Penn Brewery's St. Nick Bach draft. It was fresh but I should of had the Dogfish Head IPA. The service was in early season form so we switched to the big bar. The guys had some yinzling lager, I had some Sam Adams. Alison had a Miller Light what's the matter with kids these days?

edit: Thank you for the close-up, Mr. DeMill.
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Hey tr15! Nice face foliage! 20-15-5?

Beating myself up for missing this.
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Looks like you guys had a fun get together. I have been keeping up with news on 7Springs through DCski and my sister-in-law and bro-in-law who are uper there pretty regularly. It sounds like you guys in the midatlantic are having a decent season so far.
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Nice stuff and thanks to all for contributing. Looks like it was a fun day!
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