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Winter Park 12/26

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Anyone going to Winter Park on the 26th? The girlfriend and I are kicking off the season there. Can't wait to try out my new Volkls, and I'm eager for her to try twin tips for the first time.

Any idea what we can expect in the way of crowds?
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And in case anyone is on the fence, I should point out that WP will be getting 4-8" in the next 24 hours which means Wednesday should be a blast! I can't wait. :
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crowds will be hudge.

Tip, volunteer to ride with young children wearing red bibs in the ski school line.
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I'm dying to hear the punchline to this one.
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there is no punchline. kids 5 - 7 (in ski school) need an adult with them to ride the lift. If you want to cut the line, volunteer (to their instructor) to ride with them.
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