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bindings for K2 PE?

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Just bought a pair of PE that should be in on Thursday- can't wait to try them out!

Now I need to get some bindings... anyone have specific recommendations or general suggestions? I was skiing 5/6 at the end of last season, and I'm eager to move forward. However, I'm not really convinced I need to spend more than $100.

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Tyrolia Mojo 11 for a cheaper alternative to the much-touted Mojo 15's.
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Any 12 Din consumer grade binding should do you fine.
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Well, I've been offered a lightly used 06/07 Marker 14.0 Free for a good price...

Any thoughts on this one? Will 90mm brakes give enough clearance for the PE (which is given at 85mm @ 169- I have the 174).
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90mm brakes will be just about perfect.

What is the lower DIN setting of that binding, and what DIN do you need to have them set at? Depending on your height/weight and ski boot sole length, you could be down on the lower limit of a DIN 14 binding if you're a level 5/6 skier.
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Lowest is 5 (for that year) and I'm thinking of starting at 8.
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Look PX12 or similar, cant go wrong with these!
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