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Boot Liners

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What do you guys think of Zipfit Boot liners?

I need new liners for my Salomon Wave 10 boots. I have had these boots for over five years and I have had them worked by boot fitters and myself for those years. I have custom foot beds that I have owned for 10 years. My feet are large (size 13) and I have a wide forefoot with bone spurs, and a narrow heal and thin calves. My ankles are thick and my ankle bones seem to be forward of the pocket they put in liners so I have to remove padding from the liner to avoid pain.

Should I just get new boot or go with Zipfit?

If new boots what brand do you recommend for my shape foot? I ski between 50 and 100 days a season and have been doing so for over thirty years.


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zip fits will usually fill up some volume and it sounds like you dont need more space filled up in the boot. Try a set in the boot and see how tight it is on the pressure points.
also you might be able to find new liners only from a salomon retailer or online.
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Thanks Mntlion,

I have been looking on line for a Salomon lining but so far I haven't found one. I will keep looking.

One of the Zipfit sites I found using my a search enjine (believe it or not it is called dogpile.com - Used at the advice of an IT person and computer Guru I used to work with) said stock boot linings don't last very long. They said as little as seven days. I find this hard to believe. I have skied my stock Salomon boots and linings hundreds of times. The linings are showing signs of wear but after all this time they should. What do you think?

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So far the only boot liner I can find on line is called a Scarpa. I emailed the shop selling them asking what size I need for my boot. Have you heard of them and are they a quality product?
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IF you need more room in the boots a Zipfit World Cup liner might be a good choice for you.
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no stores, online or "real" will carry the liner only. They will have to order it in.
The stock liners will last 100-200 days (mine all have) if the shell is too big to start with the liner will pack out to the shell shape (that is too large) and become to big as well.
scarpa makes touring boots, the liner should be just fine. Order them in the same size as your Xwaves.
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Thanks for the advice.

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