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Atomic 9.20 Beta Ride

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Any body know these?
Yes the RIDE not RACE.
What are they? :
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As far as this years gear goes, there's a 9.50 BetaRide BOOT (all-mtn hi-performance), a 9.20 BetaRace SKI (fairly forgiving versatile GS), and a 9.22 BetaRide ski (forgiving versatile All-mtn mid-fat).

There may have been a 9.20ride ski previously, I can't help.
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I have the 9-14 from three years ago. A good learning ski, soft and flexible with one important note: never let your friendly ski shop belt sand the bottom and always have the edges tuned to a "one and three" edge base angle. the atomics will be very squirely if the edges aren't right. Otherwise a fine ski for the green and blue.
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Pretty sure 9.20 denotes only a BetaRace ski for this year. Yes there was a ride 9.20 last year (and previous) but got filled in by the performanc3 of the 8.20 and the "downsize" performance of the 10.20 this year. I'm checkin' out the 10 as sooon as demoing is available, you should too. good luck.
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There is still a 9.20 Ride for this year. Carbon Power Channels, Hyper Carbon Topsheet 20M sidecut. Does not have the built in riser, can take any binding. 106-66-90 for the 180. Good all mountain ski, intermediate level.
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Yea, not the boot. The ski, I believe is last years. I have read that it is the " Brother" to the 10.20 "only without the Titanium" An expert ski.
Not true?
It is a light metallic gray w/red in the beta groove. No plate.
& I have seen perhaps this years too, although no mention of it on Atomics brain damage web site.
Any more info?
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The original BetaRide 9.20 came out for the 1999/2000 season. It shared the same core and shape as the BetaRide 10.20 of the same year, but did not have the titanium top sheet. It was also mounted with a CXC charger plate which only accepted Atomic or ESS bindings. The Atomic Beta Ride 9.20 ski from the 2000/2001 season changed considerably from its fore-runner. It is not in the 2001/2002 product line. This ski shared more similarities to the Beta Ride 8.20, which is available again this season (01/02), but with a factory installed binding system (Device). The BetaRide 9.20 had carbon power channels, and a V-shape. Measurements of 108-66-92 (millimeters) in the 190cm allow it to float well in softer snow, initiate a carve well, and have an old school release at the end of the turn. It is well suited for a moderately strong skier who is new to shaped skis.

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I have a pair of the beta ride 920's that are from 2 seasons ago they have the built in lifter and take only Atomic bindings.It's areally good ski and has great proformance on hard pack and in junk snow. If you are looking for a pair I am selling these They have never been on the snow.I will let them go cheap.The retail was $695.00 or close to that and I will sell them for 250 plus shipping.PS they are 190 cm long
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The Beta Ride 9.20 is in the product line for this season, someone mentioned the dimensions 106-66-90, might be a 103 tip instead of 106 though. they are grey/silver color and do not have a plate on them. I saw a pair at a Kleins all sports store the other day. theya re not the beta 4 construstion like the 10.20 and 11.20 but do have the same graphics scheme. It does not look like it is much of a ski, maybe comparable to salomon xscream 7 or something of that sort. It is deffinitly not a big performer, looks as if this skis went down in performance with the addition of the 11.20 this season, and is obviously not being touted as one of their major skis they plan to sell. Hope that helps you out a little bit, but i had to let you knwo that the ski does exist this season in a much softer and low end form than its previous seasons predecessors.
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According to the product brochure, the Beta Rides for 02 are: 8.20, 9.20, 9.22, 10.20, Tenex, Powder Ride and 11.20.
The 8.20 and 9.20 are pretty low end models.
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My international version 'Alpine Collection 2001/02' does not list the BetaRide 9.20. There might be an adendum to the US version, and had overstock repainted for the American market. Also, certain ski shop chains have deck skis painted exclusively for themselves, and might be named diffently. Sport Chek in Canada and Intersport in Europe do this.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by BetaRacer:
Also, certain ski shop chains have deck skis painted exclusively for themselves, and might be named diffently. Sport Chek in Canada and Intersport in Europe do this.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I have seen the 9.20 BetaRide in Intersport (Austria). It looks much the same as the 9.18 carbon (dark blue with power channels). Anybody know what the differences are between these two ski's?

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I don't know if I am seeing "older" models or what. These do not have plates. They are that gray/silver color.
Some shops have them priced as if they were God's gift to skiing & others as a blow out price, $250. or so.
I am currently on 9.20 race from a couple years ago $ beta cruise 9.22 from way back that have about had it. Both 190cm.
Am looking for performance without the high cost, of course. Might even consider 180cm. :

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If you are trying to replace both skis with one, check out either the BetaRide 10.20 or 11.20. They are not cheap, but you get what you pay for. If you can find last season's BetaRide 10.20, you might like then as well, and they should be cheaper. I can't suggest a length, since I can't recall your height and weight.
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