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Air Canada Carry-on Boots

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Has anyone taken their boots as carry-on on an Air Canada flight?

Their website states that skis & boots will no longer be counted as one package. Which is fine by me, because I wanted to take my boots as carry-on anyway as suggested in a ski magazine article.

However, ski boots are not listed in the "Sporting Equipment Permitted & Not Permitted Items" chart.

I don't want to take them to the Security Check only to be told they have to be placed in baggage.

Could you let me know your experiences good or bad?

Thank you
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Don't know about Air Canada specifically but you can carry on boots no problem on any major airline
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You can still check a boot bag without penalty, but you must pre-register it, otherwise it will count a separate piece of luggage and contribute to your 2 (regular) or 4 (elite, super-elite, or executive class) checked item limit.

As a carry-on item, it will need to fit within the dimension and weight limits.

You could, of course, try to wear them onto the plane but remove them prior to going through the metal detector. I haven't tried that (I found them too useful as liquor bottle protectors in taking home bottles of tequila and jagermeister), but I have worn my helmet on board.

From the Air Canada web site:

Effective immediately, for travel on or after January 7, 2008, customers are asked to register their sports equipment online at the time of booking or via the Air Canada call centre. By registering prior to check-in, passengers will benefit from applicable waivers on:

the excess piece fee(s) for hockey sticks, ski boots, and snowboard boots; and
the oversize fee for skis, snowboards, hockey sticks, and hockey bags.

As of January 7, 2008, customers who elect not to register their sporting equipment will be subject to all applicable excess piece and oversize fees when checking in at the airport on the day of departure. When checked in separately, each item within the sports equipment category is considered one (1) piece of baggage. An excess piece fee will be collected at the airport for each piece that exceeds the free baggage allowance.

Exceptions when pre-registered:
The excess piece fee is waived for up to 2 hockey sticks (when taped together and carried as a separate piece) and for a pair of ski boots or snowboard boots (when carried as one (1) single, separate piece and when carried along with other related sports equipment such as skis or a snowboard).*
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Thank you gnjantzie, just what I was looking for. I don't know how you found it!

...and great idea BTW >>>>

Originally Posted by gnjantzie View Post
I found them too useful as liquor bottle protectors in taking home bottles of tequila and jagermeister
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