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Mt. Spokane Outlaw Skiers

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To the guys I saw hiking up Mt. Spokane under the lifts today:

I took pictures of your ascent, until everyone disappeared into the fog. I hope your descent was a good one and your turns were all good. :

I hiked around for a couple of hours or so, and did not see you come down, but that's one hell of a hike up for some turns on the slush!! Hats off to you. Hope to see you post here soon [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Mt. Spokane. Brings back memories. Riblet chairs. The Hourglass, Meadows, and B-52. Three rope tows up from the parking lot, one rope tow downhill of the PL. Chair 1 ran parallel to the upper tows. I used to ride the rope tows up (much of it seemingly suspended 10' in the air) and take the catwalk across to the face of Chair 1 and ski down, hoping my parents were riding and watching my demonstration that I was ready for the chair.

Later, the third rope tow was where we set our practice slalom courses. Only the coach wouldn't let us ride the tow. Hike up, zip down, hike up, zip down.

Thanks for the memories...
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Small world!! Mt. Spokane is where I tore my ACL year 2 of skiing. It was at night on a green run. I wasn't even moving... : grrr.

How long ago did you ski there? Did you know Donald Gasaway, who ran a ski school there?
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