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Loveland tomorrow 12/23?

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Anyone around for the holidays up for skiing Loveland tomorrow? I figure it would be the smart choice to avoid any big tourist crowds. So if anyone's up for it let me know. I don't have any solid leaving/meeting plans so post up or shoot me a PM if interested. Also carpooling up from Denver is an option. I may not ski a full day though as my in-laws are getting here around 3 or so tomorrow afternoon.

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Enjoy, madmike... I'm with family through the 1st, so I'm out. Have fun! Love to Tiff!
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Well, I know the crowds are coming but we skied Keystone today and felt like we were alone on some runs.
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Happy Holidays. Just found we have a gig holding us down here on 23rd as we originally had hoped to ski. We do hope to go up, perhaps AB, on Wednesday as a target ski. We fly out after that and back after the 1st. Post or PM if Wed works.

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I'll be at Keystone.
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You guys have fun!

I'll be back out in 4 weeks and looking forward to meeting up with everyone.
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I would love to, but I'll be on call. Faisasy- even if we can't share a ride we still need to get together. It is good to hear that your knee is working again. Since I was there at the scene of the crime, I should also be there for a demonstration of the rehab! I'll give you a call the next time I'm up (probably Wednesday if my kids, who are home for a week, want to go).
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Originally Posted by dp View Post
I'll give you a call the next time I'm up (probably Wednesday if my kids, who are home for a week, want to go).
Absolutely. Although Wednesday won't work. We're leaving for Chicago on Tuesday and won't be back until Sunday. We'll have to hook up in the new year.

Mike, if you change your mind and come to the Stone, call me.
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There were zero liftlines at Keystone today, except a couple of times when a chair stopped for a bit. The exception may have been the Gondola since it was so cold today. We skied from 10 until 6, and had a great day. Looking forward to meeting up with faisasy tomorrow. :
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I wasn't sure when you were leaving Faisal, guess I could've emailed. It looks like most of the "regulars" are a no-go for tomorrow, so I'll probably just hook up with you guys at Keystone.

What time you guys planning for? Want me to stop by and pick you up again?
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Planning to meet by the restrooms kinda past/across from the ticket booths at 9.

I'm planning on leaving the house around 8:15 or so. It'd be great if you stopped by, but you don't need to. Let me know either way.
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Alright, I'll try to get up in time to swing by. I'll give you a shout in the am on my way up so you know what to expect.
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