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any lightweight breathable mid layer recommendations?

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Hey I was just looking for a light weight breathable layer to go under my Millet hardshell jacket. I have been using a Descente softshell under the hardshell, but it really isn't breathable...

I am guessing a lightweight down layer would be the best thing for warmth as well as breathability, but would still allow easy movement and not be too hefty.

Any recommendations?

I see the arc'teryx men's solo jacket looks like it could be perfect, but it is a little pricy, though I would be willing to spend the money if it is much better than anyone's recommendations.

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Something that's not a jacket, ie, something with a lot less bulk. I happen to use additional base layers as my mid layer, or a micro-fleece sweater, or a zip in vest (attaches to the shell). Or any combination of the above when it gets really cold. I think one benefit of the shell is that you can get away with light, low-profile, snug fitting inner layers.
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down is the warmest but soaks up sweat

ive gone back to wool......it smells better, breathes well, you can pick light/mid/or heavyweight
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any other opinions?
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Polartec PowerStretch in a fitted top or ZipT-neck or R3 regulator fleece for better warmth.
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Icebreaker = pricey but excellent.
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I use Polar Max as a mid weight, or REI mid weight.Also Marmot. All are 100% poly, are relatively breathable and can be layered or used as a base layer. I have used silk as base with the above as mid and if it's really cold an expedition weight under the shell. I do have the vest also but rarely use it. I would stay away from down,as I have never found it to be very breathable.
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I think mid-layers built with Polartec Wind Pro are the bees knees. It functions exactly like a normal fleece under your hardshell (that is, very little impediment of breathability or vapor transport, in contrast to membrane-based weather-resistant fleece/softshell materials, such as Windbloc, Power Shield, or Windstopper), but offers some protection from wind in situations where you don't need your hardshell. It can also come with "Hardface", which is just marketing-speak for a smooth outer fabric, but is indeed nicer-looking than just fleece, and fairly abrasion-resistant.

Off the top of my head, Arc'teryx makes some Wind Pro mid-layers. I happen to have an Arc'teryx Accomplice jacket, which I can't begin to gush enough about. If you don't like jackets, they do make pullovers as well.
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I use Patagonia... I have R1, R2, and R4 Light jackets. I choose one based on the weather (usually the R2). I also use different weights of base layer (thicker when it gets really cold).
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I recommend identifying the appropriate materials first based on desired performance characteristics , weight, thickness, etc. and then find a vendor that makes it into the garment you need. For instance, Polartec Powerdry = Patagonia Capilene 4. Others use the same material but call it something else. This will keep the focus on thermal performance and not the label or other design feature.
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Merino wool such as Icebreaker is the best. It's expensive but it's so much better than synthetics....I use the stuff all year round.
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