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Sugar Bowl 12/21 and Bluehouse Districts

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The snow was wind packed, not just "buffed". Even people on skinny skis were not sinking down. Did several runs in the trees down and skiers right after you take the road off of the Silver Belt lift...never can remember the name of those. The snow was better in the trees, but not pow. Actually the best skiing were areas were there had been some people thru, the cut up was fluffier, like the wind had dried out some of the moisture.

Over to Disney, and skiied all over Disney and some into Strawberry. Snow the same...it was very good snow, don't get me wrong.
Met the world's slowest bartender at the Belt Room (a favorite among ski area bars), but damn, she had a great ass. Round, muscley skier butt...and a 3 inch cut on her chin from skiing in less than optimal coverage...gotta love a girl who charges.

The Districts...mine are mounted on the freeride line. They are light and snappy and had no real problem with deflecting in the heavier snow. They respond well to a centered/fwd. stance and will turn, but are not squirrely. Did a few groomer rips, and they handled the speed well, though the snow was soft. Very similar to my Gotamas (04-05 vintage). If you like goats, you will like the District. I think they are a good choice for the Sierra, and should handle the spring crud very well.

Clebrated the end of the day w/ a couple of cocktails at The Pastime (still a dive) and a grilled buffalo steak and a couple of scallops from the meat market on West River. These were accompanied by a 2004 Cahors, from the southwest of France, where the reds are primarily malbec. Less approachable than its SA cousins, leaner and more euro-style, but quite good.

Coverage at the Bowl was good, better than I expected. It got crowded late in the day, (Judah lots were filled and cars parking on the road), and today (Sat) is gonna be nuts.
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I skied the Districts @ Stowe the other day for the first time. They did real well on Nosedive (once I got by that narrow mogul part at the top that is). They do well in snow and soft PPD - I want to try them in deeper stuff.

... and speaking of great ass stories now that you mention it. Had a great burger at The Shed after and the waitress was the spitting image of Rees Witherspoon. She had a bumpin little fanny ... WHAT?! I SAID Little Orphan Annie!
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Hey my wifes name is Annie and she's got a bumpin' oh never mind

Glad to see Tahoe finally get some and thanks for the report
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