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When to move to a different ski?

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Hey folks.

First post! WoooHoo.

About four years ago I discovered groomed classical and skate ski and fell in love with the cardio and zen feeling.
After a fun few year of strictly groomed on a pair of atomic combi rs8's 190's I needed something different. (Previously had a 10 year break from a 6-7 year affair with a snowboard only on groomed mtns in NH/ME/UT.)

Last winter I ventured off the trails (and on the groomed/previously tracked trails into the woods after getting 210's fischer BC country crowns, rotefeller NNN and leather alpina boots.
Holy smokes, that was FUN.
Swooshing through the woods, finding woop-d-doos where both sides were essentially downhill and skiing out almost all the lines. Some really fun times.

So far this has continued this season though I am itching for more. Mind you that this is NOT mountain skiing (only due to not jumping in the car to drive too far.). I have mostly been just escaping into the woods in the local trails and hitting the rolling hills around.

My question is based on the fact that I steer away from the steeper portions of the hills due to not feeling confident with the turns. Is this based on my ski not being enough ski or my skills not being skilled enough? How do I know how much I can push that ski at my size and when is it just not enough ski?

At what point does one move to a different ski and at what point is it just that I have to push my skills and ski equipment up a few notches?
Given my brief intro, what type of set up would let me push it a bit more out in the woods though still keep me moving on the flats at a comfortable pace ( I am not a racer obviously). Metal edges? Different ski? Boot? Class/Book/group to be involved with for "tutelage"?

I think I am in love with BC and I haven't even hit any altitude yet though I am heading up to VT next week for some exploring of the northern greens.

Added background... 35 yo, 6'3",220 lbs, New England based.

If this is too rambling, my apologies or if you could use more info, great. Also, if wrong forum, please move it and let me know.
Thanks a lot.
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Hi Aaron & welcome,
Like you, I've gone through a progression from light touring to wanting/needing a beefier 'rugged touring' rig so I can combine some turns with a tour. The NNN system is self limiting for most skiers for turns and stepping up to a tele boot & cable rig is a good next step. Check out skis like the Fischers or Atomics with turning crown patterned bases (Karhu and others as well) for easy touring and low angle ascents. You can always add skins to the mix the more you get into it.

(You can see my 'quiver' in the Nord in You Thread)

Good luck, Terry
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If you want to ski anything steep downhill or in less than perfect snow conditions with control you need pretty stiff boots, but these come with a weight penalty. Soft/light skis, boot and bindings work going up, but not going down. I think the key is to figure out what kind of terrain you want to be skiing and then find the lighest boots and skis that will allow you to do that. At this point you are using equipment designed for the flats. I agree with Alpinord that a light waxless tele setup is probably a good next step.

Here are some deals on limited sizes of some stuff that might be of interest.


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