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Whoohoo! Got my tickets!

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The ski trip to BC now seems a lot closer now that I have made the final payment and got the tickets in the mail yesterday. With the snowfalls Whistler and Silver Star have been reporting I can't wait!

Have been to W/B before but not to SS. This is the big one however as I am going for 8 weeks or so starting mid January. Doing a 5 week ski improvement program at W/B and then my partner and a friend are joining me for a further 10 days or so, and then off to SS for a week.

One thing that is different for we skiers from the Southern hemisphere is the ticket cost (about $800 economy class) and the travel time (about 24-25 hours Canberra to Whistler). As frequent travellers for many years we're used to it, and to the accompanying jet lag, however it's an additional problem you can do without when your on-slope time is limited.(Hotels with cable TV have been my saviour on many occassions when I have been awake at 4am!)

Hope to catch up with dchan and maybe others over President's Day weekend, while Het is doing the same course. Would love to catch up with other Bears as well, so let us know if you are going to be around. Dates in W/B are 14 January to 3 March and SS 3 march to 9 March.
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Only 37 days to go and Christmas to look forward to in the meantime - whooo hooo! Might start packing my suitcase now just so I'm ready
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I do my best work at 4am. Its amazing how much work you can get done before anyone else even gets out of bed. I'll see you in W/B Feb. 20.
Right now my productivity has hit .01%, the boss is in Florida golfing and I leave for Snowbird in an hour.
I hope you have a great holiday!
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Well, I'm off in 12 hours time to start my trek to Whistler for a week.
About half as far as Canberra - 1 hour flight + 12 hour flight + transfer.
I should be there in time for a pint or two before bed...
Mmm beer. Mmm snow. Mmm.
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