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Atomic/Atomic-like boots question

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First off, me:
Agressive female skier, 100+ days a season (former racer)
Feet: short length (235mm, usually between a 22.5 and 23.0), widish forefoot (left 95mm, right 100mm), skinny to average ankle and heal, high arch and high instep, left foot suplinates, right foot pronates, skinny and high calves.

I tried on some Atomic M90's with a bootfitter yesterday and I really liked the fit. My problems however with the boot were: 1.) too soft, I'd probably like the Atomic 110 flex much better than the 90. 2.) length of the boot (277mm bsl) was a hair longer than I'd like... they were a 2 finger fit, but I'd prefer something tighter since they will see lots of use and will probably pack out more sooner than later. Unfortunately I've been told that Atomic doesn't make their adult boots in a smaller bsl than 277.

My question is: Is there a boot similar in fit to the M90 in a slightly stiffer flex and shorter bsl? I fear that if I went with the 277, it will pack out too much.
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atomic doesn't make a boot smaller then 275mm??? WOW


salomon idol goes to a 265mm or 22.

lange FR fit is avail in a size 3 or 262? mm (might be 266mm)
or if that is too narrow, try the exclusive in a 22/265mm

I think for you, and how much you ski and your background the 277 shell is just too big, will not work in the long run.
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yeah, boggles me when boot companies make nothing smalller than the 23-23.5 shell size... the salesguy said Atomic makes a 22-22.5, but it's the 277 shell size with thicker liners. My foot is small, but it is also a fairly average female foot size... that's my problem with "female-specific" boots... if they were really female specific, they'd carry smaller shells!

My problem with Salomon is the cuff size and instep... I tried on the Salomon Instinct 9 in a 22.0, length was great (maybe stretch the big toe ever-so-slightly), but the instep pinched badly and I was swimming in the cuff... they'd give me shinbang out of the box (it was the same case with last years Rush 9's). Tried the Lange WC Team, and they were so tight to the point my left foot was numb for a week... loved the flex, but even shell fitting them my foot was cramped... plus with the Lange, I needed to use the spoilers to make the cuff fit, and I didn't like the feel of the spoilers.

If Atomic made a smaller shell size, I'd buy them in a heart beat... they were the best fit I've felt in a long time. I didn't care for how bulky they were, but the fit was money.
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so salomon is out.

Lange: is the WC team the 96mm WC last? Or a jr boot in a wider last?

I know the plug boot comes in a Za or ZB flex and in a size 3. That might work?
or the older world cup 100 team (jr race boot) in a 266m

what about the full tilt (raichle) can you find that in a 3? (26?mm)

if you move the buckles over, or smaller/shorter bails do you still need the spoilers in the boots?
eliminator's might help too
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No idea what the lange last was... but the WC Team is their junior boot, the fit and flex was almost identical to this year's womens Freeride 110. Didn't do much tinkering with the buckles to see if that would tighten the cuff area... the spoilers tightened the volume close to what it should be, but I just didn't like the feel of the spoilers, almost made me feel too forward.

I did actually find these

w/ a 266 bsl, so maybe the bootfitter just meant that the M90W didn't come in a smaller size. If that racetech boot was the x-soft, would that be something I might consider? I noticed it has the 101mm last. I don't know much at all about Atomics (or plugs for that matter), except that this was the third bootfitter who has said I have an Atomic foot.

Does the Fulltilt have a similar fit to the Dalbello Kryptons? I tried on some Dalbello Kryzmas and they weren't bad, but hard to tell without the liner molded... I've liked the flex of the krypton shells. I loved Raichles when I was a kid, but I really can't remember if they actually fit my feet at the time or if I just liked the flourescent colors (being I was 12, I'm thinking it was more likely the colors).
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maybe moving the buckles and removing the spoiler will work best? I think that you are right, it is the HP fit or 98mm same shape as the 130fr, 100 fr.
that ebay might be a good bet, but for $400 is a lot to gamble on. can you return them if it doesn't fit? Maybe a bit wide too.

the fulltilt is a 99mm shape (med to narrow) the kryptons are 101ish?
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Don't know how the Atomic fits but definitely your situation is not unusual. Tons of women with 22 or so size feet are out of luck when it comes to buying performance products. It is what I like about the Tecnica race program. You will be able to find up to 110 flex in the Race Pro .

Now this time of year may be a problem but the boot is made. If you can find a shop that is selling the Race Pro line of boots from Tecnica you may find a good fit.

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Originally Posted by Lou Rosenfeld View Post
It is what I like about the Tecnica race program. You will be able to find up to 110 flex in the Race Pro .

Now this time of year may be a problem but the boot is made. If you can find a shop that is selling the Race Pro line of boots from Tecnica you may find a good fit.

But aren't the Race Pro boots Tecnica's Jr. race boots? From what I've been told thusfar, I probably shouldn't even consider Jr. race boots because they don't use as quality of materials as adult boots, so they either can be too soft or not as durable. Any truth to that or is it just someone trying to keep me in more expensive adult boots? Currently I am actually using a jr. race boot I picked up for cheap from our swap (salomon course 100) to use until I find a boot I really like... decent fit, but the previous owner softened them so they aren't as stiff as I'd like.
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Yes it is, but it is also the adult race boot and the WC race boot. It may be the largest race boot line of any manufacturer along with Nordica. It is available in a 70, 90, 110 and 130 flex all in a 98 last and available in approximately a 130 150 and who knows in a 95-96mm last and the 70 and 90 flex boots are made all the way down to a size 19.

You will definitely be able to find something that works in the line. Problems I see will be only 2. Finding a shop that sells the race line and finding what you need this time of year. Good luck and let me know if I can help.

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Thanks for all the advice. My only question with all of these suggestions is concerning the instep... I don't think I've stressed how much of an issue my high instep really is. Forefoot I know is easy to make more room... but what can be done about a very high instep? I also have a lot of veins on the top of my left instep that are sensitive (I get that numbing tingly sensation simply by lightly rubbing where my instep meets my ankle... I'll get that sensation even just putting on socks). Not sure if I have some pinched nerve/nerve damage that is causing such sensitivity, as the tingles only started this year (I've been using my AT boots, Garmont She-rides, this season and they don't pinch my instep, so I doubt they're causing it).

Also... any opinions on Heads? The magazine reviews make it sound like their fit is similar to the Atomics I tried on... and Head carries a shell size of 270.
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Tam...Lots of work can be done by a proficient bootfitter in the instep area.
1) Thinner footbed (lowers foot)
2) Lowering bootboard/zeppa (lowers foot)
3) Grinding heel of shell to move foot/liner back
4) Removal of material from tongue @ instep area (My favorite!)
5) Thinning of material of instep area of shell
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I sell both the Head and Tecnica and function as a race centre for each line. The Tecnica has a much higher instep area than the Head and possibly the highest instep of any of the factory race models.

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Thanks to those that recommended the Tecnicas... picked up some Race Pro 110's from ebay ($76 shipped, brand new!)... I think I may have found my perfect boot!
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