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Announcing an Amazing New Partnership for EpicSki!

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We’re excited to announce that we have a new partnership with Dan Egan and Online Sports Coaching, a new company that developed its online coaching model with soccer and basketball and now will help us create a similar product for the members of EpicSki. This partnership will be an addition to EpicSki, and will not mean a change of the existing forums and benefits for members and Supporters. It will, however, add considerably to the benefits available...

Dan Egan, who perhaps is best known as a star of Warren Miller movies, is a principal in the XTeam Advanced Ski Clinics, skiclinics.com, and is the owner of Egan Entertainment. Dan produced PSIA/AASI’s new “Go with a Pro” DVD/TV show which airs in major markets all over the U.S. and “The Movement Matrix,” PSIA Education’s new visual material for online delivery to members. His work has been nominated for the Emmy Award.

Our partnership with Online Sports Coaching includes an inherent relationship with Egan Entertainment and skiclinics.com. As those of you following the EpicSki Academy in Stowe know, Dan joined us as an ESA Coach there, and XTeam Clinic leader Eric DesLauriers will be joining the coaching team for ESA Aspen/Snowmass (he has coached at a couple of ESAs in the past). EpicSki members will have the opportunity to choose ESA for instructional coaching and XTeam Ski Clinics for adventure coaching and travel and be able to experience the special opportunities of Online Sports Coaching for improving your skiing.

In addition to the online coaching service, this partnership will offer an online magazine, a video library and real time interactive discussions with your favorite pros. Dan Egan is widely known for high quality coaching and outstanding media production. You're going to love these new services.

We know that the community here is the essence of EpicSki's greatness, so we want the community to be involved in the process of helping us keep what we love about EpicSki, while adding what we'd like EpicSki to do better. Since many, many details are unresolved, we would like to enlist you, the Barking Bears, in the process of helping us resolve them. The sky is the limit and the opportunities and benefits are huge.

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Dedicated to your skiing and riding,

Joan "nolo" Rostad,
Weems Westfeldt,
and Stephen "ssh" Hultquist
for the EpicSki team
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This is so exciting! Back in November, I met up with Dan when he was doing a training at Copper. At a the time, I had an offer from a publishing company to do a ski fitness video. They needed a film crew, and asked me to look for proposals. Dan was interested. Unfortunately, the publishing company has disappeared, but when I met with Dan, he told me he was interested in doing a number of projects with Epic, including ESA as well as this new partnership. Although my deal fell apart, I'm glad this worked out!
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Thank you, LM--for your support and for your linking us all.
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Linking EpicSki, EpicSki Academy, Weems and Dan Egan is not less than a phenomenal event. To nolo, treckchick, ssh and the whole lot of you - WAY TO GO!!! May Ulr, and every other diety that be, smile upon and forever nurture your great adventure. Let's not forget the beginning - Bob Barnes and Tom Burch stepping up to the plate, then nolo and Weems, Roger, Kurt, Ric, Neil - I know I won't remember everyone at the same time - you people have made history and just keep on doing it. Good on ya'! . . . and to Augie who started the whole thing . . . what are you thinking now about your brainchild?
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Great, Oboe.

Just before I got to this thread, I sent a not to Bob B--a "let's talk" memo.

Here's the question for everyone out there? If Epicski could become whatever we all wanted it to be IN ADDITION to our community forum, what would we want it to be? The truth is that maybe we can DO that now. This a great time for Visioning and questioning--both big picture and small details.

And Ullr is spelled with two els.
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Picky, picky, picky! See if I send YOU any more Rock 'n' Roll historic happenings! oh, damn, you know I will anyway. Wasn't that just the most amazing thing?!

By the way (or BTW for online purists), the prize for best skier/comedian is a dead heat tie between Barnes and Egan. You all know about "stand up" comedians. These guys are the best "sit down" comedians. I'm going to tell you, folks like nolo, trekchick and Dr. Bigfoot [a/k/a Mrs. oboe] will some day rule the world. . . but the funny stuff will come from the likes of Barnes and Egan - great skiers/coaches, really funny guys.
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Oboe, you make me blush. I'm just a woman with a zest for life. A tiny part of a vast and inspiring community, with great leadership, both in the admin team and in the forums.

One thing we/I believe in, is that this community's true leadership comes from its members. A huge Kudos needs to be said for those who continue to inspire and inform on a daily basis.
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Please note a new thread for discussing the possibilities that could emerge from this partnership...
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