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Mountain Hardwear sizing?

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Thinking about picking up a Mountain Hardwear windstopper fleece jacket online but have never had the opportunity to try one on. It will replace a large North Face Denali fleece which was borderline too large for me. Should I go with a medium or large in the Mountain Hardwear? Thanks in advance.
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I have both brands and in the jackets and vest I own the Mt Hardware seems to run a little smaller and fit me better than the North face gear of the same size. Maybe just fits my shape better. Good Luck
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I am 5'8" 150 lb. TNF & MH fit is similar. I have a TNF Denali MED that fits comfortably (slightly roomy) and a MH down jacket MED that is just a little less roomy. Try a TNF MED. If it's too tight, stay with a LG.
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I agree with JBB...I'm 5'11 190+ and the MH windstopper fleece (think its their tech jacket) in a large fits fine, a largeTNF denali is sloppy on me, but wearable.
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So the general consensus is that the Mountain Hardwear runs a bit smaller than the North Face. Right?
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My experience with MH and TNF is that one would wear the same size in both, but MH is more fitted-to-the-body, along the lines of Arc'teryx. The caveat here is to understand what body shape it's fitted to. Basically, both MH and Arc'teryx are cut more optimally for leaner, more muscular torsos like what you would see on climbers (but not so exaggerated as on a bodybuilder). The current TNF cut is more tolerant of body faults, but is not quite as high-perfomance (read: more excess internal volume).

If one has body faults (that is, if you are something other than lean, muscular and "defined") but desire to wear MH or Arc'teryx, you may have to move up a size. However, it is probably better in all cases to wear the right size with the right fit, as opposed to compromising one way or another.
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I have both fleeces in large, and the MH is a lot more trim and form fitting. I'm 6'1" 190lb and the MH windstopper fits really nicely, almost like a jacket-sized dress shirt. The TNF fleece is a lot more relaxed and loose, more like a big sweater.
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