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The past 7 years or so we've made an early season trip to Wolf Creek 4 to 5 times. It's usually my family and another with all of our kids. This year it turned out to be a guy trip with my friend Vic and his son Alex, along with 3 first timers from SC. The altitude did a pretty big de-energizer number on the first timers for a day or so.

As to Wolf Creek ... no crowds, no lift lines, no problems whatsoever. From my perspective, the place is a great family resort to ski. I know the steeps are short, and the mountain sorta flattens out midway down, but it's a great place to learn powder and tree skiing.

As to the conditions, the snow was soft, everywhere, boot-top to waist deep ... just great. It dumped 5-6 inches of fresh on us the first day - Friday, Dec. 14th, and was crystal clear the remainder of the time, except some snow the afternoon on Wednesday the 19th.

Colton Curtis, one of the young kids with us did a great job chronicling the trip via posting pics and some video by Alex on his web site: Mr. Cocoa Puffs (the site name is a long story).

Anyway Kudo's to Colton and Alex ... take a look and enjoy. :