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Demo skis in Upstate/Central New York?

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I will be in upstate the weekend after Christmas, and would like to demo some skis as I'm still in the decision making process, and quite frankly, SE Michigan doesn't offer many demo opportunities (and the only ones I know of are while I will be in NY).

Does anyone know if Bristol, Swain, Song, or Labrador offer demo/rentals of high end skis, or if there are any factory/ski shop demos on December 27 through 30? Looking to demo Fischer RX 8, Dynastar Contact 9, Head Supershape, and Supershape Magnum.

Heck, I'd even consider going to KB or Holiday Valley, though it's a little longer hike.

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I know that Bristol has a mountain top demo center that I have heard is highly reommended (large inventory). Holiday Valley is a good choice because they have a demo shop and you would have access to the inventory of Mud Sweat and Gears (local shop) that also does a lot of demos. I can't speak for Swain, Song, or Lab, but Greek peak usually does a demo day in January sometime and usually every manufacturer you have mentioned is there. Unfortunately it looks like you may miss that event (not even sure what day it is this year). I'd say Bristol is probably your best bet in the area.
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labrador is having a demo day 12/29
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The repair shop at Greek Peak offers some demo skis for daily rental. Call them to find out what's available.
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The Bristol demo center is up and running for the season. I've attached a link to it:


They don't have their inventory listed yet, but should have soon. Not to sound like a shill, but it's a very good facility. The skis are tuned and waxed and unlike most "demo days" you can ski one ski for the entire time of the demo if you like. Weekends can get kind of hectic, especially with the good start we've had, but if you get in early you should be fine.
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Bristol's demo center is awesome. just make sure you bring your own skis with you, because it's at the top of the hill. they have a huge inventory. It's $35 for 8 hours and you can try as many as you like.
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Thank you everybody for your responses.

So . . . Bristol it is. Glad to hear the good comments because for whatever reason two years ago when I was back and checked it out I wasn't able to demo for some forgotten reason . . . don't recall but seems like only the lower lift was open that week as there was a ton of rain and melting Christmas week . . . so if my recollection is correct the demo center may not have been accessible:.

I did speak with the manager yesterday, on a bad connection, and he confirmed they have the RX 8 to demo, and that he was getting more skis and hoped to have the heads I want to try.

I'll keep checking the site and see if they post the inventory soon, as my only day for skiing is probably on Friday 12/28.

Greek is a possibility and I've e-mailed asking for information.
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