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Boot Odyssey, Round One

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Hi guys -

Taking advice...

I'm looking for new boots after way too long in beat up Rossis (power 9.2? girl race boots?). I'm in my boots almost every day Dec-Apr, 5'5" 140-145 lbs. My old boots started soft and are sloppy now, so I think I'm looking for stiff(er) but I don't know how much. (Retired racer conundrum.) I have wide feet, high instep, low calf, but not a problem fit. I tried on lots of boots at different shops to see what's out there, but I have a favorite bootfitter who'll probably put me in Nordicas. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything, but I just got more confused. Some highlights:

Atomic Hawx 90 - Best fit, but soft.

Dalbello Storm - A different flex, which is intriguing but scary. Tried the Storm over the Kryzma because it's shorter, but I'd consider both. Fit is dependant mostly on the intuition liner. Not sure I can live with the flex...

Head Edge+ 10 - This boot is stout. I fit in a size down (23.5), and they are wide and seem pretty stiff (but the rating is 70? a pretty intermediate boot). Buckles and power straps are awesome. Seemed stiffer than the S9 in a 24.5, but they aren't by the index. Bootfitter worries the furry liner will pack out width-wise and get sloppy. I'd like to try the Dream Thang that I didn't see 'til the internet, but I guess there wasn't one handy...

Low lights:
Solomon Idol 9 - Maxed out flexwise.

Technica - Even the women's ones are too small in the calf and my heel never gets to the pocket.

I guess the flex thing has me confused, and my options are limited in a wide 24.5. I'll report back about Nordicas, but is there anything I've missed? Thanks!
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Perhaps the Dalbello Protons. note: the Dalbello Kryptons come in their softest flex out of the box but can be made to be quite stiff.
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I sell the Storms and other Kryptons and agree that the flex feels different than other boots, but of course that is one of the attractions. When comparing flex don't fall into the trap of comparing numbers between manufacturers. It can be very difficult. Better to go with what you feel.
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