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They do grow up....

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OK, while you're waiting for the images to download, let me warn you that this one of those "I'm the parent of an honor roll student" type of postings, so you can hit the back button now, if you like.

Got a couple of great pics of Tag Jr. on our last two ski trips. When we got home, he insisted that we take down an old (4 years) picture of him on the NASTAR course and put up one of the new ones. We obliged and have put the old one into his scrapbook for 'future reference'. He considers the NASTAR pic to be "embarassing" while I love it for all the parental reasons along with the more obvious 'before and after' as in see where you were just a couple of years ago and see just what you can do now! Although I'm sure that Tag Jr will not be thrilled to see the NASTAR pic here, I'm posting it because I'm thrilled to see my son dancing and flying down the hill and to know that the joy he had in flinging himself down the race course, he still finds on the ski hill today.

NASTAR racing - 1999

Regulator Johnson/Snowbird - 2003

Copper Mountain - 2003

So forgive a father for 'bragging' about his son (and note that you don't see any pictures of me up there )

Oh, and the other point about growing up...I was debating this season about getting him new skis, even posted a thread about when does one move your child from 'junior' skis to 'adult' skis. Went ahead and got him the Atomic 9.20 in the shortest length I could find on the clearance rack. Watching him ski at Christmas, I thought I made a mistake, that the Atomic was too long and too stiff. Looking at the last picture, I think he's handling the Atomic's just fine. Now, about the 'junior' boots he's outgrowing.... :

[ February 18, 2003, 10:01 AM: Message edited by: Tag ]
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I know how you feel ..... got one uh them myself!
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Tag:I confrim that based on the pics as posted you do have bragging rights. Excellent form for a young man his age.

So when Bode retires, is he going to be taking his place ?
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Totally have to agree with wink. That is one sweet turn. How old is he and is he still competing. I think that a pic and technique could easily be fired to a desktop as wallpaper. Nice work to the both of you.
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I should let Tag Jr reply, but he doesn't check in around here very often. He's a junior in high school this year. And beyond the NASTAR and some racing in his ski school program, he doesn't do any competition. He has always enjoyed the little racing he has done, but he didn't want to leave the ski school program to join a different program geared toward racing (and at Buck Hill, we have a great local race program nearby). He has been in the ski school program every winter for the past 7 or 8 years and this year qualified for their 'Masters Elite' program which is their demonstration team. The next step in the ski school progression is to be a junior instructor, but he hasn't expressed much interest in that, so I'm not sure what his plans are for the next season (other than a desire to go back to Alta/Snowbird with the old man again ).
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Great photos [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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That last shot: wow, look at those angles!!!! Brilliant.
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I loved the photos. I have a 5th grade daughter who looked like your 1999 nastar photo last year and has make tremendous improvement this year. It is in my wildest dreams that she would look like your son in 3 more years. Your pictures and post give me hope. What wonderful pics and rightfully posted.
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