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DefCon Pow for Utah

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Yeah, I should post this in resorts, but . We look outside, at the weathermap, watch the weatherbimbo, hope, expect, exagerate, project. But Utah is getting nuked right now, no exageration. It's like a gale out there but with snow. God bless the taxi drivers and Pizza delivery men. We got our base, this is pure gravy. Every little bump will be epic. Expect great trip reports! Or interlodge!
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yep alarm set at 5am to beat any road closures. hopefully its doesnt close all day because i forgot to grab my boots before coming down.

Its snowing 1inch an hour at the bottom of the canyon right now.

snowbird tomorrow rob?
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I'll check with Emily; She has an Alta pass and we hate to pay when we can ski free. To get a tour of the Bird would be worth it- thanks. If not tomorrow, soon. Game on.
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Yup, I have about 7" of new snow at my house since 5PM yesterday ( it's 3AM now and still snowing ). Can't wait to get up on the hill. Anybody want to meet at snowbird on Friday or Saturday?
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Thinking about skiing PC tomorrow 12/27. You going to be on the mountain? Would love a tour!
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Oh, the love of snow... :

(drooling over you awesome snow conditions there... 3 more weeks before our trip out west)
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Yesterday was quite marvelous.
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Shread it up, people- I'm enjoying the rain and crowds in beautiful NYC- I hope it's not too crowded out there, everyone in the world seems to be in midtown Manhattan
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Thursday was very cold and crowded. It was -11F when I drove through Henefer on the way up. I stayed away from the crowds by skiing the McConkeys chair in the morning. Total Zoo at the bottom but everyone had smiles on their faces and it's Christmas afterall. Finshed up the day at 2:00 pm with Nachos and a cold one at the Baja-muy bien!
Another 12 inches for Snowbasin overnight-sshould be great today!
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