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Small World

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First time a 'Bear' I didn't know has said 'hello' and made my day. Hi Griz, hope you had a great day. I have a small sticker on my helmet that says "www.epicski.com" (compliments of AC, thank you) and he pointed to it and introduced himself...very fine. Then to add to the 'small world' the instructor I was taking a powder lesson from (Kristi Aserlind) was telling me of her brother from ... Copper Mtn. ... where he has been ski instructing for over 20 years! Sorry guys, I couldn't remember your real names so I couldn't say who was showing us around but thought it way cool to touch base . Maybe I will learn your names if I get to hang around enough. [img]smile.gif[/img]
May your powder run deep, dry and never ending.
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Good to meet you today, Ray. We almost skied together. If you had signed up for your lesson an hour earlier I would have been your instructor (unless you requested Kristi). Kristi is a great lady. I'm glad you were able to ski with her.

Conditions were excellent today. I'm sure Kristi found you some good snow. It was nice seeing the sun after the last 5 days.

Sounds like 4-8" tonight, same during the day tommorow and also Friday night. Temps should be in the low 20s or teens through Sunday. This has been a great week!

If you want to take some runs together next time you're up, ask a yellow jacket where I'm at. Brian
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Great.. Glad you all had a good time.

Speaking of Small world, I have mentioned that I help organize a big ski trip every year. This past year, one of our regulars got sick and contacted a friend that was trying to fill the spot. We finally made contact via phone and in the course of trying to work out the details, I mentioned my email address at epicski. Turns out this guy is Luv2ski (I think). Too bad he couldn't swing the whistler trip. Maybe next year where ever we go..
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Uh, Ryel, it gets even better. I had a 2 hour lesson with Kristy this morning (9-11)! Yeah, she's a great person. I met her on the Shooting Star lift a couple of weeks ago. She worked me pretty good and after we were done, I never saw her again. I guess she must have been busy working you over at that time.

How 'bout that snow today? Too bad the wind wouldn't go away. I tried a few runs in Heather Cyn. and it was brutal, all wind-swept and crusty.

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Where can I get a sticker?
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... ditto!
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Hey I want an epicski sticker.
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yeah I want, I want, I want!!!!!!!
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Me Too!
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Wow Badrat, sorry to have missed you (and the two hours of fun) We are doing Timberline Saturday with the PACRAT's if your up drop by and say hello. I'll buy first Iceaxe at the end of the day!

For those that have missed the stickers:
Stickers page

ps: when you ask for stickers it's a good time to offer a donation to help cover the overhead.

I cut the address off the small (Downhill) sticker and put it over 'Boeri' on my helmet.
best to all of you.

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Oh, I would have loved a cold Iceaxe or four at the end of the day! Regretably, I HAD to be at Whistler over the weekend and settled for that 8% Canadian swill instead [img]smile.gif[/img].

Are you considering the Bachelor-Bear Gathering or will you be on Hood this weekend? Either way, would love to meet you!
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Hey thanks for that Ryel, I will be getting some for sure...and seeing if my short arms can reach far enough into my deep pockets to help out!
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