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New Years Eve at Mt. Bohemia

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My wife and I are planning to make the long drive to Mt. Boho. I hope to ski the 29th-31st, maybe the morning of the 1st, we'll see, gotta work on the 2nd.

I called to reserve a trailside cabin but they're all booked, so who's got 'em? Any of yooz? If you're gonna be there, let me know, I'd love to say hi and make some turns with y'all
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Tonight MB's web site states that they are currently closed and that it doesn't look good for a re-opening before the end of the year.

I'm certainly hoping that the lake whips up a big storm and Mt. Boho gets a 3' dump tomorrow since I went ahead and bought a season pass... but... I'm looking for another hill to drive to for the new year.

I usually avoid skiing on the holidays as I abhor lift lines and jacked up prices. I was really looking forward to Mt. Bohemia because they have very small crowds combined with great terrain.

Any ideas where I could find a good combo of low crowds, challenging terrain and decent conditions with in a long day's drive from Michigan?

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Try Searchmont just north of the Soo.
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Thanks finnicky7. I'm glad someone responded to this. Searchmont is a good suggestion. Looks like if I had stayed the course I'd be skiing some decent snow at Bohemia right now.... oh well.
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