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Winter Park - 12/29-1/04 - conditions and deals?

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Anyone been to WP/MJ recently?

I'm headed out there from OH soon and was looking for some info on how conditions have been. TRs are scarce, and you never know with the resort's website.

Also, anyone know of any lift ticket deals? We are driving and passing through Denver so anything is posisble. King Soopers? Other ideas are welcome!

Thanks a bunch, and I'm jealous of you living out west while I'm stuck in school in the East.
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PS: Any thoughts on when Vazquez Cirque or other closed areas might open up?

Hopefully, with a little luck.....
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Conditions have been great last couple weeks, with new terrain opening all the time. Vasquez Ridge opened this week. If we get any amount of snow with the storm that is due tomorrow, I would expect at least the backside of Parsenn to open. Cirque may take another week or two.

Worst time of the year to be looking for ticket deals - if you know anyone out here with a pass there are some non-blocked out coupons they can print out. Otherwise somewhere like King Soopers might be the best bet.
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Bump... any new opinions?
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Originally Posted by stopper10 View Post
Bump... any new opinions?

Oh. Haven't been there yet this year but there are some nice pics over at mogulskiing.net in forums/trip reports.

There's at least one local on that board. She might be able to give you some info.

I have noticed that WP is getting more snow recently than Summit County, though not as much as Steamboat.
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This latest storm dumped more in WP than Summit County for sure. Looks like another 4-8" tonight is possible.

With the current storm track, it looks good for Utah and Colorado. Keep 'em coming, PNW!!
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Conditions are great. I haven't been able to make it around all the terrain that's opened the past several weeks. Too busy working and training. From everyone I've talked to, the new trails and glades make the Parsenn Bowl seem like a whole new ski area.

Most of the lift ticket deals end when the lifts start turning. I'd call King Soopers at the I-70/Youngfield exit in Lakewood/Golden/Denver and see if they have the discounted daily tickets. Might want to find out if your lodging sells discounted tickets onsite.
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I was there the past three days. Mostly easy cruising on a recently fixed knee. But I did hit the new 6 person chair and felt it is a very good change. Much quicker up with more options down.

It has been snowing regularly. Snow yesterday was really good. When I left there this morning to come back to Boulder it was sunny and cold with more snow expected thursday.

I have a pass thus no clue about ticket deals.
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