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Boot selection...

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I posted this in the boot forum, but haven't gotten any response.

Any recommendations?
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This is a store in Ohio that is recommended by the American Bootfitters Association, if they recommend it, then you should have good success. Granted that Ohio is a big state and you might be far from them, but it could very well be worth an 1-2 hour drive. Of the boots you tried on, take the one that feels the most comfortable, or take a few, get the specs and do some printouts on them, then take it to this store and have them go through a real live custom fit with you. They can do all sorts of things, like heel pads, widening, streching, custom footbed (highly recommend) etc....after a solid custom fit session you'll have a highly responsive custom boot that you'll love. If you can't get to this store then maybe wait till you take a trip out west, all the major resorts have stores with experts who will fit you, and not just fit you , but custom fit you with care for their work.

edit... did some research for you and found out that, that store is not very good, http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=30747

the same tips apply, but head west or east and have a good custom fit done.
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