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Decisions, decisions.

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Headed out to Missoula yesterday on business, connected through Salt Lake.

I brought the skis, with half an idea to use the Park City Quick Start during my 8 hour layover, not thinking there'd be any new snow. So when I landed and it was raining, I thought, "Huh, wonder if it's snowing in the mountains?".
Called the snowphone for Park City, they reported 3". Called Alta, they had 9". So 1 st decision, ski free in PC, or head to LCC?

OK, that was an easy one. Off to Alta.

Next decision, on the way up to Alta, sitting in the parking lot of 7-11, do I go up to Solitude, and complete the LCC/BCC slam? Already skied the other 3 resorts. Call their snowphone, they only reported 6". Ahhhhh, hell, I'll hit Alta and hopefully hook up with some grizzly old powderhound.

Decision #3, do I go for the canyon bus, or chance it with my 2wd grand am rental car, sans chains? Hell, waiting for the bus could cost me some runs, up we go. Almost crapped a brick when a cop waved me over around a downed power line. Asked if I had chains, "Yes Sir!" Got up no sweat.

Mountain was being dumped on! There was a foot of fresh on top of cars, and I was pumped.
Started at Albion base, hooked up with some dude from the "Old Wild Bunch" who pointed me in the right direction. Skied knee deep for 4 hours.

I'm pretty happy with the choices I made. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Lucky Dog, you... Glad to hear u had a great time!
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You definitely da man
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