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wrinkle in liner

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Hi - I've got Lange WC Team 100's. The liner has developed a wrinkle in it. The seam going down the top of the foot, dips inward between my big and 2nd toes. Makes me feel like I"m wearing a thong sandle. How should I remedy this? Though it doesn't hurt, it's becoming annoying. Thoughts?
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first check that the footbed is not too long for the liner, as this can collapse the top of the toe box, if that is ok, then i would stuff the toe box with newspaper or similar, spray the outside with a little water [from a plant sprayer] and then heat the toe box of the liner with a hair dryer or a heat gun if you are VERY careful... take care not to overheat the liner it will melt really easily when it is is nice and warm, leave it to cool naturally with the packing inside.

that should resolve this problem

good luck
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Thanks for the input Colin. Your notion that the footbed might be too long for the liner was not too far off! Actually it was my toe that was too long for the liner, pushing it into deformed shape. I went to my boot doc last night to take care of assorted other issues (I assumed they wouldn't fix the wrinkle, so that's why I asked here). He ended up razoring a slit along the toe (I've had continued troubles with tight big toes, and razoring was the next thing to try) and the wrinkle went away! So I wont need to try what you suggest, but I'll keep your advice anyway just in case in the future. thanks!
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