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Canadian Visa Query

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I was wondering if any changes/developments have taken place at all with regards to foreign instructors obtaining visas to work in Canada. Is a minimum of CSIA Level 2 still required to be eligible for sponsorship? My predicament is that I went over to Canada on the only holiday working visa that I can use 2 years ago, passed the CSIA Level 1 course, came home and now i'm stuck because I can't obtain another working visa from the UK (apparently, as a non student i'm only entitled to one holiday working visa for Canada, in my entire life!) and the last I heard a minimum of CSIA Level 2 was needed for sponsorship...

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Ah come on, there must be some Canadians who log into these forums...Speak to me!
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Originally Posted by Rhys View Post
Ah come on, there must be some Canadians who log into these forums...Speak to me!
I read your post, thought about it, and decided that in this department, you know more about it than I do. I know our patrol has had a hard time getting approval for non-Canadians. Too bad, cross pollenation is a good thing.

Lots of work available here. Come and you'll find your way into the job you want, I'm sure.
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As I understand......Level 2 is not a requirement...but the resorts have a limit on the number of people they can sponsor...thus they tend to offer spots to people with more qualifications first.....I am sure there is no "law" that says "thou shalt be a Level 2".....hence if you are serious, start calling ski resorts and see what they say...or as Newfy suggested, just show up, and see how you go.
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In the past 18 months or so i've contacted nearly every ski school director at most resorts in Western Canada and each time all I keep hearing is I need a minimum Level 2 for sponsorship. Granted, I agree with what you're saying SkiDude, I doubt there's any law that states a minimum of Level 2 is required. However, if one ski school director isn't prepared to take the chance and sponsor me, i'm in a bit of a no win situation. As much as i'd love to jump on a plane and head over I think i'd be distraught if I couldn't find someone to take me on, the risk is too great....
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Well then....I guess your solution is obvious.....isn't it?.......there has traditionally been a few CSIA courses done in Europe...Andora I believe, not sure if they still do it or not. Your other option is of course for you to take the risk...fly over, do your 2...and then try to get picked up on the second hiring wave of instructors around early Feb.

Places like, Jasper, always seem to be short of pros....use your CSIA membership to look at the CSIA job board, anyone still looking now may not be so fussy.
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