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Jacket and glove question

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Hey guys I was wondering if I could get some help on finding some ski gloves and a jacket. One of my problems is that I get very cold fingers when I ski and have tried many different gloves and the goretex ones I am using now do a decent job but my finger tips still get really cold. I was wondering if any of you guys could tell me which glove will best keep my finger and finger tips warm. And lastly what do you guys make of this spyder jacker, I am 6' 2'' and only weigh 150lb so will it be tight enough and long enough if I get a medium?


Thanks again for all the help. I really appreciate it.
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At your height you need to try things on.

Gloves ... easy switch to good mittens and if need you can get a light glove liner to beef them up. Add warmers if it's that bad. I prefer the toe warmers because they are smaller and have a bit of adhesive. Get the ones with the PSIA logo they are much better than the ones in hardware stores.
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+1 on trying it on. At your height, a MED will probably ride higher than designed. Hope you have bibs! STP is good about accepting returns so try it out, before deciding.

+1 on mittens and the hand warmers. Gloves only insulate you to reduce heat loss. Mittens help by reducing net surface area exposed to cold, reducing heat loss. If you don't generate enough internal heat through circulation or under extremely cold conditions, you need to add supplemental heat (handwarmers).
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Don't forget that if you are going to wear gloves, to make sure that they will fit a liner or a heat pack if desired. Also make sure that they are actuall a little loose in the fingers. This will promote proper blood flow to the fingertips, which will help them stay wearmer.

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Buy some leather choppers with shearling lining (I like Wells LaMont - get them at your local fleet/farm store), and put wool liners inside of those. You'll NEVER have cold hands.
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Thank you very much for all the help. I never really liked mittens but if they are the warmest I guess I will have to switch. And does it matter what brand I go with for the gloves, I mean are there any brands that are better? Thanks again for all the help.
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Try layering. A liner and over glove will each add degrees and versatility.

I use a hestra liner, with hestra heli pro, and a hestra shell over glove that has solved all my problems with the cold.
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Mittens with poly-fleece liners. Have the chemical heat packs ready if you need them.

Price matters more than brand. Just about all the expensive gloves & mittens seem to be about equally good. My gloves are often damp by lunch time, so I have dry gloves to change into in my pack.

Try the STP jacket. They pay for return shipping if it doesn't fit (or actually all their customers pay for the return shipping as part of the price of everything).
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I easily get gold hands....switched to down mittens last year and loved them. My husband got same this year because his hands were always cold in glovves...so far he really likes them.
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As others have said mittens are warmer than gloves.

Reusch has just come out with heated leather ski gloves. Look into those.
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Consider high loft mittens with a pocket in back of the hand for a hand warmer. Mittens made for women are far more common than for men. You also may have better luck going through snowboard shops for a better selection.
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Hestra makes a mitten glove that has 2 pockets for fingers, looks alittle weird but keeps the digits toasty.
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Can't disagree about mittens vs gloves, but if (like me) you don't like the lack of feel with mittens, there are some fairly warm gloves these days, if you're willing to pay some bucks. Black Diamond and Marmot both make guide gloves with Gore XCR and major insulation, goatskin fronts, will set you back $150 or so, better than many mittens I'm told. I've had good luck with Swany's top level leather/insulated with fleece inner gloves than can be taken out.

Or, like a climber/backcountry skier friend of mine, you can wear good gloves and then use an overmitten, like an OP, that you can take off when you're ready to ski, put back on for the lift rides. That way you get the best of both worlds. I may try it this season.
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Reusch used to make lobster claw mittens, I think they may have been similar to what skibo is talking about.
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I wanted to thank you for all your help, and I am going to order swany toaster arctic mittens and look into getting another liner. As for the jacket, right now I have a nice old hammy down from my dad that works, so I don't need to spend the money. Thank you all very much for the input.
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