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Help Me..Rx9 or AMC73

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I consider myself and upper intermediate skier. I am 5'10" 155# very fit. Have skied for 30 plus years always on the straight skies. I am about to purchase my first new skies in 15 years. I have been skiing on 195cm elan RC's.
I ski midwest groomed most of the time save for two trips a year out west then I try to ski a bit of everything except moguls as my knees can't take it.
Am trying to decide between the RX9 and AMC 73. Which would be easier to ski being my first new school ski.
Thank you
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Both skis will likely work well for you and both are quite versatile. The Fischer RX-9 has a wider performance envelope than the AMC 73 and will stand you in good stead as you improve. Both skis are quite capable of making skidded turns common with straight skis. 170cm in length should be good (maybe 165cm though I'd likely go with 170cm). However, if you take a lesson or two on skiing modern skis and you will find a whole new world of performance potential that will make your new skis seem a real bargain.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
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You will never look back.
170 should be perfect for you.
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Thank you for the responses. I demoed the 175's RX9 and enjoyed it. It will take a while to get used to the new style technique. The empoyee at the shop wanted me to try the amc 73 because he thought it would be better if when I ski powder and also it would be easier to do short turns with. I ski powder only once a year so that is not as much of a concern. However, will the AMC 73 really be easier to do short turns with?
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I don't consider either of those skis a powder ski, but the RX9 will do off piste easily due to the pin tail design. I really like the feel of the RX9. I wouldn't second guess this decision.

Jed Peters on the groomer:

SierraJim off-piste on RX9s rips the shallow pow on ice. (dust on crust)

Tyrone Shoelaces on RX9 (you won't see this often)

No pics of me on these but obviously, I rip. Just look at my post count.
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The Fischer RX-9 has a radius of 17m @170. The more up on edge you are the shorter radius you can make. The RX-8 is Fischer's SL carver. However, the Fischer RX-9 is pretty versatile at making a lot of different turn shapes in a variety of conditions.
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